Fat Baby Introduces the Raptor City Rascals NFT Project

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Thank you for joining ONE37pm’s fourth day of our 25 Days of POAP. We had the pleasure of working with Fat Baby and her team to bring you not only this article but a very special POAP as well. Without further ado, let's take a dive into Fat Baby the artist, and her new NFT project.

Who is Fat Baby?

Aida Sancho, otherwise known as Fat Baby, is a non-binary NFT artist with several projects under her belt. Projects include FatBaby, Cool Kidz Club, Clever Girls, and the upcoming Raptor City Rascals brand. 

Fat Baby got started creating cardboard cutouts of various characters in an attempt to sell her creations on Instagram. After selling just a couple of cutouts—one to her friend and the other to one of her followers on Instagram—she began to notice the immense amount of opportunity in the NFT space.

That’s when Aida decided to launch her own NFT collection called Fat Baby, and hence, how Aida came to be known as Fat Baby herself. Through her journey, Fat Baby became friends with other projects in the NFT space. In fact, she ended up collaborating with The Vogu Collective to create a special edition Fat Baby NFT that sold for a whopping 26 ETH!

This was just the beginning for Fat Baby, as she went on to create several other projects, investing even more time and resources into each project. Fat Baby’s most recent NFT project is the Raptor City Rascals which is set to pre-launch on December 8th, 2021, with the official launch going down on December 10th.

What is the Raptor City Rascals NFT Project?

Welcome to Raptor City! This new project from Fat Baby introduces an urban playground in which every Raptor has a story of its own to tell. The Rascal City Raptors is an NFT collection consisting of 160 hand-drawn traits which are randomly combined to produce different rarities and aim to merge physical with digital items.

The Rascals themselves are offered in three different rarities; Organic, Mech, and Shade. The collection in its entirety is broken down to 7,000 Organic, 2,000 Mech, and only 1,000 of the Shades.

Furthermore, if you are already a holder of Fat Baby’s previous project Clever Girls, then you are eligible to claim one free Rascal for every Clever Girl NFT that you hold.

Raptor City Merchandise

Raptor city aims to merge physical with digital items, meaning that Raptor City apparel is currently in full development. The designers have partnered with carefully-selected clothing brands to deliver extremely high-quality clothing and creative designs that are sure to please.

The apparel collection is available to everyone, in addition to exclusive items for holders who choose to take advantage of the power of NFTs to bridge the gap between real-life streetwear and the metaverse.

Raptor City Stories

Raptor City has a rich history that will be told across various media outlets in the near future. But, they can’t do it alone. Raptor City will be inviting all kinds of creators to collaborate with in order to build their expanded universe, and share a collection of curated stories as well as magnify their creativity to directly reward collaborators.

To accomplish this, the Raptor City Rascals have created a fun and interactive way for the community to help develop the backstory.

Raptor City Turf Wars

When it comes to Raptor City, storytelling plays a massive role in every aspect of the creative work going on behind the scenes. Shortly after the project launch, holders will have the opportunity to join one of three gangs based in one of the three districts of Raptor City: Brighthelm Bay, Seven Swords, and The Vale.

With the help of their creative team, the community will assist in developing the backstory, imagery, and culture of these gangs. However, this is only the beginning of something even greater. During the Turf Wars, gangs will battle it out in an attempt to take control of Raptor City Plaza, unlocking exclusive airdrops for the conquering team each season.

Raptor City Black Market

If you are a holder of a Raptor City NFT, then you gain access to what’s known as the Black Market. The Raptor City Black Market is a monthly pop-up shop that's only open for 72 hours each month.

The shop offers everything from free mints, POAPs, and limited edition one-of-ones and physical merchandise. Keep in mind, once the shop closes up, all the unsold items will be gone for good, never to be seen again.

In partnership with various creators, Raptor City plans to expand its offerings to include a full range of media and merchandise that will only be available to holders.

Overall, Raptor City is a fun place to be. After launch, the Raptor City team will be exploring ways to bring the city to life and they look forward to the possibility of a fully-realized virtual space in the metaverse. 

Raptor City Rascals is set to be an innovative and interactive project that is going to be an exciting experience for anyone who desires to collect a Rascal NFT.

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