Tee Grizzley’s “The Grizzley World NFT” Offers Fans Insane Access to the Rapper

Ahead of his new album release, the rapper launches his first NFT collection.

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NFT projects that provide ongoing utility to their buyers always rise above the rest. To celebrate the release of his upcoming album, Detroit rapper Tee Grizley is launching a special edition one of a kind effort called the “The Grizzley World NFT Launch.” As a part of the launch, Grizzley fans will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase three golden tickets, which in turn gives the winners lifetime access to the rapper's GTA server, and a lifetime pass to any Tee Grizzley concert in your local area. The lucky prize winners of the golden tickets will also receive a physical copy of the passes that can be presented at Grizzley’s concerts mailed to them at a later date. 

In addition to the lifetime concert tickets and GTA access, Tee Grizzley die-hards will have an opportunity to bid for a 1/1 Tee Grizzley double sided chain decked out with platinum and rose gold if they are unable to snag a golden ticket. The winner of the auction will also receive lifetime access to Grizzley’s GTA server, and their own personalized avatar version of the chain that can be worn on their characters during gameplay. Talk about utility.

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Grizzley World NFT

Ahead of his NFT debut, here is what Tee Grizzley had to say about his first launch:

"I'm excited to drop my first NFT with The Grizzley World Collection, especially because I get to combine my music and gaming. Not only will winners get access to my Grizzley World Server, but they will also get a lifetime pass to any of my shows, and an invite to a special album release party to celebrate my new album Built For Whatever."

If you are looking to participate in Grizzley’s NFT drop, the auction is scheduled to begin on Saturday, May 1st at 12PM PST on

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