The Krillest Is Creating A Members-Only Club For Digital Nomads In Web3

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Now more than ever, digital nomads are abundant. But unfortunately for those seeking a place to call home and network with others in the Web3 space, there aren’t many options in the various locations where digital nomads reside. The creators of The Krillest realized this and decided to make a change.

The Krillest is a members-only organization that combines Web3 visionaries with exceptional leaders who have diverse backgrounds using a gated ecosystem. Members build bonds through unique IRL experiences and collaborate to create the future of Web3 via a full-stack marketplace.

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The Krillest

This isn’t your typical NFT project. Rather, it is an untapped realm of innovation that is in dire need of a solution. The Krillest is that solution.

The Krillest is an NFT project created by co-founders Matei Olaru and Kat Cohen that offer holders a variety of opportunities and new relationships through a gated community. Membership is attained through an application process in addition to purchasing a membership NFT.

The goal of this application-based process is to fill The Krillest community with impactful contributors who are truly crypto-curious. Once accepted, members are empowered to grow personally and professionally through Krillest's traveling ‘nomadic’ clubhouses, a range of unique group experiences, and a private marketplace for starting and scaling projects.

Those who are approved for the application process are generally entrepreneurs, artists, investors, technologists, and thinkers who have experienced success in their own industries.

In addition to the application and invitation-based members, each year The Krillest seeks out what they call ‘Prime Members’. These members are non-Web3 leaders across 12 disciplines of culture, cause, commerce, and everything in between.

The aim of this is to foster a diverse community that enables the impact of Web3 on a mainstream level. These Prime Disciplines include:

  • Music & Entertainment
  • Arts & Designs
  • Community & Education
  • Wellness & Spirituality
  • Athletics & Adventure
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Philanthropy & Impact
  • Culinary and Hospitality
  • Travel Leisure
  • Science
  • Sustainability
  • Venture & Growth

Examples of some of these Prime Members include Babyface, Q-Tip, Karolína Kurková, Patricia Velasquez, and Jesse Williams.

Along with the Prime Members, each year The Krillest invests in individuals that their existing members identify as rising talent.

This scholarship program offers free memberships, programming opportunities, and amplification for people who may not currently have the credentials or means to purchase a membership, but for whom The Krillest community still regards as highly valuable.

How to Join The Krillest

Memberships to The Krillest require a membership NFT and a successful application. That being said, if your goal is to become a contributing member then you might want to consider going through the application process before buying the NFT membership. The NFT does not guarantee you access to the membership club.

Membership Types

There are three types of Membership you can choose from, all with their own perks.

Annual Membership (1,000 released, 2 ETH each)

The 1-year annual membership is perfect for anyone who wants to try out being part of The Krillest. This membership requires a renewal payment each year and will be a variable cost based on the floor price of the Lifetime Membership.

Lifetime Membership (2,100 released, 5 ETH each)

This membership offers holders lifetime access to The Krillest. In addition to the lifetime membership, holders also gain access to a variety of perks including:

  • Access to a hand-picked organization of leaders and aspirational dreamers committed to manifesting impact through Web3.
  • Access to private nomadic clubhouses around the world and once-in-a-lifetime Krillest Member Experiences.
  • Access to buy and sell within The Krillest NFT Marketplace ecosystem.

Elder Membership (225 released, 15 ETH each)

The Elder Lifetime membership is the ultimate membership offering holders a smoothie full of perks including: 

  • All of the same benefits of a Member Token holder.
  • One Annual Membership airdrop to gift or resell.
  • Participation in The Krillest treasury.
  • Exclusive DAO participation and governance.

If you aren’t approved for the membership application, you can still purchase a token to speculate. Just know that the main goal of The Krillest is to empower individuals who are curious to learn how they can utilize Web3 to build something great and collectively make an impact in the world. By no means is the project aimed at day traders and flippers.

Also, it’s important to note that the lower numbered tokens are considered to be more valuable, as holders benefit from preferential access to limited experiences and marketplace drops. Each NFT is uniquely-designed and holds secret benefits. The Krillest is the first membership NFTs to feature aesthetic rarity.

You may buy an NFT here and then apply here (or vice versa).

Token Utilities

Becoming a member of The Krillest gives you exclusive access to an assortment of utilities. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill utilities. These utilities are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Nomadic Clubhouses

One of the greatest perks of being a member is the world’s first Nomadic Clubhouse and pilgrimage destined for community building and collaboration. Krillers get together several times a year for exclusive clubhouse experiences that include private chats, fine dining, and a variety of carefully curated entertainment and thought leadership activities.

The first Nomadic Clubhouse is called The Chimera House, an oasis in Ibiza, Spain. The House will have everything you could desire, including a best-in-class restaurant, multiple bars, a private pool, beautifully manicured grounds, and programming of epic proportions. This first of many popups is set to kick off from July 27th to August 15th and is free to RSVP for everyone.

Of course, The Chimera House in Spain is just the beginning. Future pilgrimages are being planned in even more spectacular destinations like Bali, Tulum, Aspen & Dubai.

The Marketplace

The Krillest's collective goal is to support, develop, and expand ideas and activities that benefit their community and beyond. They will be introducing features on The Krillest Marketplace in the next months to support the creation and collaboration of significant projects.

Additional Experiences

Beyond the impressive locations of the Nomadic Clubhouses and the Krillest Marketplace, additional experiences for select Krillers are on the horizon. Below is a sneak peek of what you can expect to experience as a member of The Krillest.

  • Iceland Sustainability: Retreat with Wim Hof
  • Train To Be a Secret Agent: The James Bond 007 Experience
  • Formula One Races
  • Roden Crater: Early Private Access
  • The Oscars 2023
  • Athletic Roundtable: Olympian Benjamin Alexander

Using The Krillest’s deep network that has been built through decades of networking across numerous industries, members will have the opportunity to partake in over 100 unique experiences led by industry experts.

Overall, The Krillest is more than just an NFT project. It’s a community of industry professionals, thought leaders, and curious minds on a mission to impact the world using Web3. 

By bringing a diverse group of people together to share their thoughts and lift each other up, The Krillest is set to bring Web3 mainstream, give members access to an array of exclusive events, as well as help others along the way.

To learn more, check out the website and join the Discord group.

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