Topps and Godzilla Rage Across Time as NFT Collectibles

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Comic books have been a major part of popular culture ever since Marvel Comics #1 was released in 1939. In the 82 years since that release, the collectibles space has seen many changes and innovations. One constant throughout it all is The Topps Company, one of the industry’s leading producers of trading cards, collectibles and candy. 

Back in 2020, Topps announced their first foray into the emerging NFT space with Garbage Pail Kids digital collectibles, later introducing wildly popular "digitally enhanced and creatively reimagined"  2021 Topps Series 1 Baseball NFTs that sold on the Wax Blockchain. In the following months, they released Topps MLB Inception, Topps 2021 Series 2 Baseball, Bundesliga 2020-21 Season Celebration and Bazooka Joe on their site

On October 13th they're set to release the “2021 Godzilla Rage Across Time” NFT Collection. The “Rage Across Time” comics are a mini-series of five books, but this collection focuses specifically on comic #5, featuring “epic ancient battles between the many monsters of the Godzilla Universe.”


Continuing with the excitement only weeks later, Topps NFTs is a Gold Sponsor of NFT NYC 2021 taking place from November 1st – 4th, where they will be offering exclusive Godzilla NFTs celebrating Godzilla's birthday (November 4th) as part of the event's digital swag bags.

What’s the Importance of This NFT Drop?


Over the past year, NFTs have rampaged across headlines like Godzilla taking a nighttime stroll through the city. Godzilla has been consumed across the world by millions since he was first introduced in 1954. He's also the longest running current film franchise (36 films made in that time) with box office revenues topping $2.4 billion.

When you combine this iconic franchise with the white-hot NFT market, it’s easy to understand the buzz surrounding this Topps partnership.  

Comic Con Attendees Awarded NFT Drop

This past week saw the return of New York Comic Con, and participants who checked out the Topps booth got to participate in this special NFT drop.

Attendees who submitted their ToppsNFT account information were eligible to receive one event-exclusive NFT pack per day that contains one of three unique Godzilla comic covers. These packs will be dropped into participating Topps NFT accounts on the day of the release – October 13th.

What Is the New NFT Drop?


This new drop will have several exclusive NFTs, with varying rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Epic and Legendary. 

  • Animated Comic Pages from the Rage Across Time Series
  • Animated Comic Covers from the Rage Across Time Series
  • A base subset of card-style collectibles celebrating the monsters featured in the comics
  • Premium subset(s) of fun and novel adaptations
    • (Animated) Traditional Japanese Art Illustrations
    • Rookie Cards of monsters featuring their debut in the Godzilla Universe
    • Monster Collage(s) from the Lifestyle Guide
    • 3D Toppsicles of Monsters

The animated comic pages show the calamity of the battle. Comic covers that range from animated to black and white appeal to collectors of different tastes and feature premium artwork done in a beautiful woodblock-style animation. My personal favorite are the Rookie Cards, using templates that match with the year of the monster’s debut.


You can also uncover collages of the monsters battling, displaying the chaos that fans have enjoyed for decades, but in my opinion, the most unique are the interactive 3D ‘Toppsicles’ (pictured above).

These limited NFTs can be purchased on Wednesday, October 13th at 1pm EST on, where you can easily create an account in order to buy the packs. Once the NFTs are purchased, the collectors will be able to list and resell them in the Topps NFT marketplace on the site.

The price of the packs are $20 for Standard Packs (15,000 available), and $100 for Premium Packs (8,500 available). Each Standard Pack will include (5) NFT collectibles, while the Premiums will have (9) NFTs included. The Premium Packs come with increased odds of pulling Super Rares, Epics and Legendaries. 

Click here for the full checklist!

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