The Utopia Avatars are Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Digital

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Utopia Avatars

With their initial mint last week, the Utopia Avatars are a collection of of NFTs, or Utility Based Tokens (UBT) as the creators dubbed them, intended to be compatible with nearly any metaverse platform. From a group founded by Maria Bravo, Alejandro Saez and Javier Garcia with an advisory board of Deepak Chopra, Randi Zuckerberg, Pepe Bastón, Eva Longoria, Faze Banks, Desiree Ansari and Maha Abouelenein, the collection intends to bridge the gap between the digital and physical by providing both tangible and virtual opportunities for all of its holders.

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Uniquely, Utopia raised $10 million for the project before the mint, allowing the founders to get started on the utility aspect of the brand before waiting for an influx of capital from the mint itself.

The collection is comprised of "6628 3D rigged avatars that can be downloaded in FBX + other formats," Nino Saez, co-founder of the project, tells ONE37pm, adding:

"Each Avatar is made to be operable in any 3D Metaverse and platform supporting standard file formats! These Avatars are digital collectables commissioned to be designed by Richard Orlinski and Joaquin Ganga. Utopia’s 3D Avatars are the ultimate entry point into Utopia’s ecosystem, created for a community of inspiring individuals. They will receive ownership of a blockchain-based treasury, that already provides transparent revenue streams generated from Web 2 businesses, utilized to sustainably expand the value of the community. A plethora of other utility, including access to Utopia’s already 75% built metaverse ecosystem with notable areas including: Education, Gaming, Live Events, Utopia Store, Orlinski’s Gallery, Ganga’s Tattoo Store and others will be unlocked by the Utopians."

The idea is that the avatars will of course work within the Utopia ecosystem, but will also be compatible with an array of metaverses down the line.

"Most of the advisories and founders are philanthropists. Therefore, we feel utopia avatars DNA is very much philanthroprenuer," Maria Bravo, co-founder of the brand, tells ONE37pm. They have numerous initiatives in the work—including their partnership with Global Gift foundation; 5% of the mint funds are allocated to the Global Gift foundation. Throughout the building phase last year, they had already donated $700,000 to a myriad of projects through the foundation. They have collaborations underway this year with WOW foundation, HUH, the Deepak Chopra Foundation and Ricky Martin foundation.

And finally, as a project built around community, they will also offer opportunities for members to suggest initiatives to support down the line.

Since the mint last week, the project has seen over 800 ETH in trading volume on OpenSea. Keep up with the project on Twitter, IG, and their website.

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