Vayner3 Partners with Crown Royal for Web3 Component of Super Bowl Spot

Crown Royal

Vayner3 has partnered once again with Crown Royal, the official whisky sponsor of the National Football League (NFL), to develop another web3 experience for the brand's first-ever Super Bowl spot, aiming to extend the conversation past the big game.

For the Super Bowl this year, to complement their Canadian-themed Super Bowl ad, the brand also kicked off a "Crown Royal Chain of Gratitude" that follows the success of its "That Deserves A Crown" campaign – the brand's first Web3 venture in digital collectibles.

The sixty-second spot is the very first Super Bowl spot from Diageo, the whisky brand’s parent company. In addition to poutine, Hawaiian pizza, and other Canadian treasures – it also honored Canadian legends like Joni Mitchell, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Seth Rogen, and Celine Dion.

Following the ad’s debut, Crown Royal partnered with Canadian stars like Avril Lavigne who took to Twitter to join in on the fun conversation around their country, Canada.

Leading up to game day, Crown Royal took fans on a journey to the big spot reveal by rolling out various teasers including a modern take on O Canada performed by the extraordinary Canadian guitarist Donna Grantis and produced by Dave Grohl. The mysterious teasers drummed up excitement and kept fans wondering what the brand and rock icon has up their sleeves for Super Bowl Sunday.

The brand also kicked off a “Crown Royal Chain of Gratitude” that follows the success of its "That Deserves A Crown” campaign – the brand’s first Web3 venture in digital collectibles.

Consumers are invited to join the "Chain of Gratitude," – a digital collectible-based game where Crown Royal themed prizes will be awarded based on the sharing of gratitude from one person to another.

How to Play

To participate, players will visit, mint 1 of 2 digital "Tokens of Gratitude" and share a unique link to a friend to continue building their chain of gratitude. As the chain grows, the digital collectible available to players on that chain will also evolve dynamically.

The objective is for players to continue growing their chain as the player who started the chain with the most players will win a custom Crown Royal cape and all others who are part of the winning chain may win a prize of Crown Royal sneakers.

Carmilla Sumantry, an up-and-coming Canadian-based digital artist, created the art for both collectibles.

We are excited to see Crown Royal connect with consumers in the next iteration of the internet while staying authentic to its brand values and inspiring generosity. This program will bring a new experience for Crown Royal's community and will allow us to welcome football fans to the brand's Web3 ecosystem.

- Avery Akkineni, President of Vayner3
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