VeeFriends Launches Flex'n Fox Collectible Figurines— Everything You Need to Know

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VeeFriends will be hosting an event with CoolKicks in Los Angeles to announce the release of their limited edition VeeFriends Metallic Gold Flex'n Fox Figurine. This is the first-ever release of a limited edition VeeFriends figurine.

Why Flex'n Fox?

Flex'n Fox is known to exude confidence at times, strutting his stuff to leave a strong impression on others. However, underneath the flexing and showing off, he has a golden heart. Because of this, there could not be a better character to be the first official VeeFriends collectible than the metallic gold fox.

The figurine features a gold electroplate coat, which looks similar to the original hand-sculpted model. It is also wearing its signature FOX chain, which takes up a majority of the character's chest. Its large glasses and belt are also physical attributes that stand out.

VeeFriends CoolKicks Collab Flexin Fox three gold foxes
The exclusive Flex'n Fox Gold Figurine / VeeFriends

With only 500 figurines being made, the gold Flex'n Fox release will be very exclusive. The collectibles were crafted one by one with extreme care and precision, ensuring high quality. Pristine condition and a high level of rarity make the event extremely exciting for VeeFriends, CoolKicks, and anyone who attends.

Event Details

The in-person launch will be open to the public at CoolKicks in Los Angeles - located at 7565 Melrose Avenue - from 11 am - 1 pm PDT. You can RSVP to the event and add it to your calendar here.

Those who attend will have the first opportunity to purchase a limited edition gold Flex'n Fox for $333 before it is available to the general public. GaryVee will also be there to spend time with attendees and celebrate the Flex'n Fox Gold Figurine. If you are a Series 1 or Series 2 Flex'n Fox VeeFriends holder, don't forget to RSVP to hang out with Gary and have early access into the store.

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