VeVe Was the Top Grossing iOS App This Past Weekend

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From November 12-14th in Anaheim, California, vendors, and collectors packed the Anaheim Convention Center for DesignerCon 2021 (also known as DCon.) Described by their website as “an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys, customs, plush, designer apparel and so much more with urban, underground and pop art.”

The emerging digital collectible app VeVe was one of over 700 vendors in attendance for their first-ever in-person event, and they had quite a showing. There were four new drops on Friday, six on Saturday, and six more on Sunday, by far the busiest three-day period the app has seen to date. 

When all was said and done, VeVe ended up the highest-grossing app on iOS over the weekend, impressively beating out familiar names such as YouTube, Tinder, TikTok, Roblox, and Candy Crush for in-app sales. 

Walt Disney and Mickey Kick Things Off!


Kicking off the festivities on Friday at 12 pm PST was actually a Disney Golden Moments, Walt Disney, and Mickey Mouse statue. This “Partners Statue” was the only non-DCon exclusive drop and was in celebration of Disney+ Day.

Everybody who was able to purchase one of these statues on the drop also received a 12-month subscription to Disney+, representing the first time that there was a utility outside of the VeVe app associated with one of their collectibles.

There were 4,333 of these Ultra Rare statues minted (list price of $333), and they sold out immediately. The existing floor in the VeVe marketplace would be 6700 gems, representing a 20x ROI if you were lucky enough to land one.

It’s important to note that while “gems” are the currency used to purchase collectibles on VeVe–and are purchased for $1 USD each–there is still no way to cash these gems out.

Friday November 12th - Dcon Exclusives


Following the Disney “Partners Statue” was the first of fifteen DCon exclusive drops at 2 pm PST, a “DCON Mascot” collectible designed by artist Scott Tolleson. There were four different collectibles in this drop, each with a different design and rarity (common, uncommon, rare & ultra-rare). 

This drop was in “blind box” format, meaning that everybody paid the same price ($25) and did not find out the rarity until after purchase. There were only 666 Ultra Rares minted, and they are currently selling for a floor of 700 gems on the secondary market.


An hour later, the Ultra Rare Neapolitan Ting collectible by artist Sket One dropped, with just 888 minted and a list price of $77. The current floor on the secondary market is 750 gems.


The final drop of the day was designed by kozyndan, described by VeVe as husband-and-wife multidisciplinary artists based in the Japanese countryside who work collaboratively to create obsessively detailed works of art. 

These two framed digital posters, “Uprisings” (uncommon) and “Bunny Blossoms” (rare) were also dropped in “blind box” format, with a list price of $45. The floor on the rare (1,266 minted) is currently 350 gems. 

Saturday November 13th - Dcon Exclusives


Kicking off the first of six drops on Saturday at 9 am PST was the Ultra Rare “Shut Up and Draw” collectible designed by Dave Pressler. There were 888 of these minted, with a list price of $77. The current floor price on the VeVe marketplace is 750 gems. 


Next up at 10 am PST was Brian Viveros’ “Cat Trooper” digital posters, with a colorful rare minted to 1,266 and a black & white ultra-rare minted to 666. These were dropped in “blind box” format for a list price of $45. The current floor on the ultra-rare is 700 gems. 

Also dropped at the same time were Viveros’ “Just-Us” digital posters, with the same rarity, mint numbers, and list price in “blind box” format. The floor on the ultra-rare of this design is currently 800 gems. 


At 12 pm PST, there was another “blind box” drop, this time by artist Triston Eaton, named “OG Devil Bunny”. The Red (common) was minted to 6,666, the Black (uncommon) to 3,666, the Gold (rare) to 2,666, and the Color (ultra rare) to 666. The list price was $25 and if you were lucky enough to land an ultra-rare Color, the current floor is 1500 gems. 


The Jim Mahfood ultra-rare “Pop Life” poster, with just 666 minted for a list price of $50 was next at 1 pm. The floor currently sits at 1000 gems.


The second to last drop of DCon Saturday was designed by pop artist Jermaine Rogers. His rare “Creeping Dero” collectible had a list price of $70 and was minted to just 1,111. The current floor price is 700 gems. 


Wrapping up the day was XLARGE’s “Little Friends” blind box. There were three of these iconic gorilla collectibles available in the box, with the Black/White (rare) minted to 1,388, the Silver (ultra rare) minted to 999, and the Gold (secret rare) minted to just 488. The secret rare was quite a hit, with the floor currently sitting at 4000 gems.

Sunday November 14th - Dcon Exclusives


The final day of DCon featured six more wildly popular VeVe drops, the first of which was four digital prints in blind box format with a list price of $45, designed by Tara McPherson. The Wanderers (rare) and Supernova (rare) were both minted to 1,266. The Wayob (ultra rare) and Electric Lola (ultra rare) were minted to just 666. Both ultra rares are reselling for a floor of around 600 gems. 


An hour later, the Vulture Macabra (rare) by artist Camille Rose Garcia was released, with 2,888 minted and a list price of $99. The floor on these beautifully designed vultures is currently 300 gems.


Next up was a series of skateboard decks designed by the Lincoln Design Company, also in “blind box” format. This drop had a list price of $45 and featured four different decks, including the Lincoln Logo Mayhem Board (common) minted to 2,250, the Lincoln Ripper Board (uncommon) to 1,750, the White L Snake Board (rare) to 1,200 and the Ride the Lightning Board (secret rare) minted to just 250. 

The secret rare “Ride the Lightning Board” is reselling for a mind-blowing floor price of 12,400 gems, representing a 275x ROI to all who were lucky enough to beat the odds and score one.


At 1pm PST, Ghostbears–a collaboration between Southern California’s first designer toy store MunkyKing and artist Luke Chueh–dropped in blind box format with 4 collectibles in the series and a list price of just $13. The Green (common) was minted to 1,888, White (uncommon) to 1,688, Blue (rare) to 1,288 and Red (ultra rare) to 888. The floor on the Red ultra rare is currently 460 gems. 

mister cartoon

The second-to-last drop of the weekend was the ultra rare “That Cat Bronson”, designed by Mister Cartoon. It was minted to just 888 and had a list price of $77. The resale floor price on this cool cat is currently 800 gems. 

mighty jaxx

The final drop of DesignerCon was the ultra rare “Inked Stories (Eve)” designed by Mighty Jaxx, an award-winning future culture company that designs and manufactures collectibles and lifestyle products. They have worked in partnership with iconic brands such as Hasbro, Nickelodeon, and DC Comics.  

This collectible was minted to just 888, with a list price of $90. The current floor price is a staggering 2000 gems, a 22x ROI. 

What’s Next For VeVe?


While this was a wildly successful weekend, one in which I was lucky enough to land quite a few collectibles including the Disney “Partners Statue”, I do still have some questions about this app. 

I mentioned above that VeVe was the top-grossing app for a 72 hour period, so I was curious just how much money they took in over the weekend. This number is fairly easy to calculate if you multiply the number of collectibles minted x the list price. 

  1. Disney “Partners Statue”

4,333 (mints) x $333 = $1,442,889

  1. Scott Tolleson “DCon Mascot” Blind Box

6,666 (common) x $25 = $166,650

3,666 (uncommon) x $25 = $91,650

2,666 (rare) x $25 = $66,650

666 (ultra rare) x $25 = $16,650

Total: $341,600

  1. Sket One “Neapolitan Ting” 

888 (mints) x $77 = $68,376

  1. kozydan Blind Box

3,666 (uncommon) x $45 = $164,970

1,266 (rare) x $45 = $56,970

Total: $221,940

  1. Dave Pressler “Shut Up and Draw” 

888 (mints) x 777 = $68,376

  1. Brian Viveros Blind Boxes

1,266 (rare) x $45 = $56,970

1,266 (rare) x $45= $56,970

666 (ultra rare) x $45 = $29,970

666 (ultra rare) x $45 = $29,970

Total: $173,880

  1. Triston Eaton “Devil Bunny” Blind Box

6,666 (common) x $25 = $166,650

3,666 (uncommon) x $25 = $91,650

2,666 (rare) x $25 = $66,650

666 (ultra rare) x $25 = $16,650

Total: $341,600

  1. Jim Mahfood “Pop Life” 

666 (mints) x $50 = $33,300

  1. Jermaine Rogers “Creeping Dero” 

1,110 (mints) x $70 = $77,700

  1. XLARGE “Little Friends” Blind Box

1,388 (rare) x $50 = $69,400

999 (ultra rare) x $50 = $49,950

488 (secret rare) x $50 = $24,400

Total: $143,750

  1. Tara McPherson Blind Box

1,266 (rare) x $45 = $56,970

1,266 (rare) x $45 = $56,970

666 (ultra rare) x $45 = $29,970

666 (ultra rare) x $45 = $29,970

Total: $173,880

  1. Camille Rose Garcia “Vulture Macabra”

2,888 (mints) x $99 = $285,912

  1. Lincoln Design Co. Blind Box

2,250 (common) x $45 = $101,250

1,750 (uncommon) x $45 = $78,750

1,200 (rare) x $45 = $54,000

250 (secret rare) x $45 = $11,250

Total: $245,250

  1. MunkyKing + Luke Chueh Blind Box

1,888 (common) x $13 = $24,544

1,688 (uncommon) x $13 = $21,944

1,288 (rare) x $13 = $16,744

888 (ultra rare) x $13 = $11,544

Total: $74,776

  1. Mister Cartoon “That Cat Bronson”

888 (mints) x $77 = $68,376

  1. Mighty Jaxx “Inked Stories (Eve)

888 (mints) x $90 = $79,920

The total revenue from all of the weekend’s drops combined was $3,841,525. I illustrated the huge ROI’s throughout this article on each collectible, but nobody is actually being cashed out. Further, VeVe is taking a percentage of each collectible that is sold on their secondary marketplace. While it would be silly to complain about giving away that relatively small percentage when you are still making tremendous returns, we are all left with a large collection of gems but no way to turn them into cash or crypto. 

It is beginning to get concerning to me, as somebody who has a large portfolio of collectibles on the app, that the VeVe team keeps talking about an upcoming cashout feature, yet still, no such option exists. 

Although landing drops has gotten increasingly difficult, I find the app itself to be amazing. Their partnerships are phenomenal. VeVe currently has agreements in place with some of the most well known brands on the planet. The future does appear to be extremely bright for all involved in the VeVeVerse, especially with a migration to Immutable X currently taking place.

However, some transparency and a commitment to stick to their own self-imposed deadlines would go a long way towards taking this app to the next level. How much longer do people have to wait to cash out, and why is it taking so long? 

Until that question is answered, many will remain skeptical. 

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