Web37 Roundup: Fidelity Crypto Expansion, $OP Airdrop, XCOPY Pixels, and More

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Hannah Scherwatzsky / ONE37pm

gm! Here's ONE37pm's Web3 Roundup for June 1st, 2022:

Fidelity expanding digital assets division

Despite the crypto market downturn, Fidelity remains confident that demand for blockchain-related investments is growing. The company announced that its filling over 200 positions within its digital assets wing and is working on offering Ethereum trading and custody.

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Optimism airdrop: Ethereum Layer 2 launches token

Optimism, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution, launched its governance token ($OP) by rewarding protocol users. The airdrop led to early token price volatility.

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XCOPY collaborates with Deca on pixel art project

Legendary crypto artist XCOPY teamed up with Deca, a platform dedicated to showcasing digital art, to create a pixel art project based on "Right-click and Save-as guy". The original, non-pixelated, piece by XCOPY is one of the most significant digital artworks.

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Tokenproof tasked with token-gating ApeFest and Moonbirds NFT NYC events

Relatively new on the scene, Tokenproof has secured partnerships with Yuga Labs and PROOF to token-gate their upcoming festivities at NFT NYC in June. The platform enables users "to prove ownership of NFTs without connecting or carrying their digital wallet".

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