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Thank you for joining us for another day of POAPs. We are thrilled to introduce day number 18 of our 25 Days of POAP with MUMBOT!

Who is MUMBOT?

Jade Kuei, better known as MUMBOT, is an artist, toy designer, and storyteller based in New York and Bangkok, Thailand. MUMBOT has had her artwork showcased internationally, and has published her work in zines and books such as Kawaii Design+ (DoPressBooks), Kawaii Manga Adorable! (HarperDesign) and more.

MUMBOT enjoys using her artistic talents to create characters, comics, zines, and designer toys. Furthermore, she has taught various workshops and enjoys developing creative formulas to help other artists.

Moreover, she has collaborated with visual artists and musicians around the world such as 2x Grammy-nominated Sergio Vega and Italy-based RHOX, helping both artists onboard into the NFT space. Also, MUMBOT was recently interviewed by Gary Vee who's a big supporter of her work.

Kuei takes her own dreams and experiences to illustrate playful yet haunted abstractions in all of her work, creating a final product that is very unique and particular to Jade as a person.

To elaborate, MUMBOT stated that her artistic process expresses her fear of the dangers of the outside world in her youth, and attempts to find the power to overcome difficult circumstances and the courage to care.

She produces inspirational young characters along with animal companions, spirits, and creatures that have a connection to nature. One glance at MUMBOT’s art will reveal not only her passion for creating but her imagination as well.

Her art unveils scenes with a creepy feel, but with a cute approach where the characters overcome adversity while simultaneously exploring the relationship between life and death.

MUMBOT World Collection 1
MUMBOT World Plush Collection 1 / MUMBOT World

MUMBOT World Collection 2
MUMBOT World Plush Collection 2 / MUMBOT World

MUMBOT's art, toys, and MUMBOT World plush are available at retailers across the United States including Hot Topic, Box Lunch Gifts, Newbury Comics, Rotofugi, and MUMBOT World.

As a creator MUMBOT continues to showcase her work internationally, further building the brand and bridging the gap between physical and virtual worlds.

Feel free to join the MUMBOT community over in their Discord, and watch out for MUMBOT's creations in a store near you.

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