Inside Afterparty: The Community Behind The First-Ever NFT Gated Festival

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Afterparty / Mike McLaughlin (ONE37pm)

In Web3, you see plenty of variety when it comes to DAOs and platforms. Both general and specific applications of Web3 tech are being developed, along with the grey area in between.

What is Afterparty?

Afterparty is somewhere in the middle; they’re focused on the creator economy, but are building obscurely enough to maximize the depth of what they’re accomplishing. On their site, Afterparty describes itself as “...a community of innovative creators, artists, and builders with a Web3 platform for accessing physical and virtual experiences through NFTs. [Afterparty is] building a platform where anything is possible and creativity flourishes.”

After combing through their socials, you'll notice Afterparty links with influencers and celebrities in a way that most brands couldn't replicate, even if they tried.

Afterparty’s 2 classes of NFTs:

Afterparty offers two different versions of NFTs, Utopians and Guardians, which both come with different art and sets of utility.

Utopians come with all-access passes to Afterparty’s Art and Music NFT festival in Vegas for (at least) 5 years. In addition, Utopians come with a free Guardian NFT airdrop and two free Afterparty pass airdrops. As if that’s not enough, Utopian holders receive a priority guestlist for all Afterparty and creator NFT drops, all-access and a +1 to Afterparty’s fall NFT event in LA, access to select events at the Afterparty house in LA, priority access to pop-up events like NFT.NYC, Art Basel, and more.

Guardians come with VIP access to Afterparty’s Fall festival in LA (Halloween weekend 2022), priority access to all future Afterparty festivals in LA, priority for Afterparty’s 3rd generation of NFTs and more. Only 10,000 copies are in existence, so it’s become quite a hot ticket.

In March, Afterparty held their inaugural Art and Music NFT festival in Vegas, with performances/appearances from notable names like The Chainsmokers, The Kid Laroi, Gryffin, Diablo, Charly Jordan, and many more.

Other important info:

A large portion of Afterparty’s focus is dedicated to optimizing the connection between creators and fans. Their Creator Pass is currently in development, but is set to serve as a “passport” to the worlds of some of the most influential creators. Afterparty says to expect this function to be rolled out in the near future.

Just as impressive as the intricate world of Afterparty is the four-person team behind it: David Fields (co-founder), Eytan Elbaz (co-founder), Dan Rahmel (co-founder), and Robert Graham (Chief Community Officer). Amongst the four of them, they have amassed experience from Disney, Intuit, Google, and Paradigm Talent Agency, along with eye-catching educational resumes. In short, their team looks like the textbook definition of a Web3 powerhouse.

Whether it’s the savvy operation of their mansion in LA, their two festivals, or the maze of functionality amongst everything in the world of Afterparty, there are countless reasons to learn more and get involved in their community.

After the seamless demonstration of what an Afterparty festival looks like in Vegas, the platform and its community are eagerly anticipating the Halloween weekend event in LA. So are we.

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