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As the NFT ecosystem continues to expand, it has become increasingly difficult to keep track of all the NFT marketplaces and varying prices, making it hard to find the best deal. However, thanks to, now you can view NFT prices on several NFT marketplaces all at one time. is an NFT marketplace aggregator that allows you to discover and collect NFTs across numerous marketplaces including Opensea, Rarible, Larva Labs, LooksRare, and NFTX. Their goal is to aggregate every NFT marketplace starting with Ethereum.

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What is

Gem is on a mission to create a decentralized and open future for the internet, and even more so, the metaverse. is a single interface that covers a wide range of deals and data from across the most relevant NFT marketplaces and products.

The Gem platform started as the Cross-Asset-Swap in early 2021 and has evolved into the platform that it is known as today.

What does offer users?

As of today, Gem is one of the best NFT marketplace aggregation platforms available. With that comes many perks for users who are looking to keep an eye on the entire NFT market, not just a single marketplace.

What is

Below is what you can do with

  • Locate the best deals across the most popular NFT exchanges.
  • Buy multiple NFTs in a single transaction using Gem’s Web3 shopping cart.
  • Spend your tokens on NFTs, and save on gas. Gem provides up to 39% gas savings compared to buying NFTs from your favorite marketplaces directly.
  • Find all NFT analytics in one place including sales volume, floor price, live sales and minting activity, top holders and distribution, top buyers/sellers, and more.

In addition to all these features, Gem is considered to be the NFT price leader with up to 39% cheaper gas fees when compared to buying from an individual marketplace.

Also, the more NFTs you add to your Web3 shopping cart, the greater the gas savings are. That is because you are bundling multiple transactions into one, saving you big time!

Gem utilizes a low-level programming language called Yul, which optimizes smart contracts upon purchase.

How to use

Gem is just as easy, if not easier to use than other NFT marketplaces. The user interface is very straightforward and uncomplicated to navigate.

What is

To use, simply connect your Web3 wallet and start browsing. You can add NFTs to your cart as you go, then once you are ready to checkout, simply go to your shopping cart and pay for your transaction.

Moreover, you can search for specific NFT projects and view holders, leaderboards, and search volume, as well as find any social links that might be associated with the project. All data is pulled from Dune Analytics, so you can trust that the information you view is from a reliable source in the space.

One negative opinion that I have about is that the floor prices for projects aren’t always up-to-date. So, Gem might be good to use as a more generalized tool for finding the marketplace that offers the cheapest NFT from a collection, but may not be the most reliable source to find the cheapest NFT on a particular marketplace.

Ultimately, is your go-to platform for buying, selling, and researching NFT prices and sales volume, all in one place. There’s no need to go back and forth between different tabs, it is all laid out right in front of your eyes so you can easily make the best decision when purchasing an NFT.

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