What is the ETH.r Brews NFT Project?

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ETH.r Brews

Amongst all the NFT projects that are currently on the market, there seem to be few that really strive to stand out. One exception, however, is ETH.r Brews. Before we dive into what ETH.r Brews is, let's get to know the man behind the project first.

Who is Duncan Rogoff?

Duncan is a 3D artist, animator, and motion graphics designer. He started out as a video editor and quickly saw motion graphics becoming integrated into the post-production workflow. Using free online tutorials he taught himself the skills necessary to rise to the top of his field. Duncan currently works for Apple crafting motion graphics and animation for their support social channels, creating educational content around the software and hardware.

Before Apple, Duncan worked for many reputable companies like Nissan, Sephora, Playstation, and Charles Schwab to name a few. In March of 2021, Duncan was introduced to the NFT space by a friend and never looked back.

Being that he was already a seasoned digital artist, Duncan decided to try his hands at turning his artwork into NFTs. Some of Duncan’s first-ever NFTs he created can be found on Foundation. From that point on, NFTs have consumed a lot of Duncan’s free time respectably.

Twitter and NFTs became my second full-time job.

- Duncan Rogoff

In addition to creating motion graphics for Apple, Duncan is the creative genius behind the ETH.r Brews NFT project.

For Duncan, the big challenge was transitioning from being an NFT artist to running a legitimate NFT business. “When you lead a project people always want more,” said Duncan.

His team is to provide as much value as possible to their community, but things take time, especially when you are partnering with other real-world companies.

When I asked Duncan what his one tip would be to someone who wants to start building their own brand in the NFT space, he said; “The three things that I always preach are patience, persistence, and consistency. Things are going to take time, so show up every single day and get to work.”

Definitely solid advice from someone who is building their own brand using NFTs as the foundation.

What is ETH.R Brews?

ETH.r Brews is the first 3D generative, interactive NFT avatar project that brings real-world utility to craft beer lovers around the world via global brewery partnerships. ETH.r Brews are minted as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and have all their metadata stored on IPFS.

To be clear, ETH.r brews NFTs isn't your standard avatar project, in fact, you can interact directly with your Brew and engage with them in a variety of ways through augmented and virtual reality applications.

All the traits and their 3D data are generated then minted and stored on the blockchain so that you can interact with them directly from your wallet. You can spin them around 360 degrees and view your NFT from all angles.

Each Brew NFT is unique being that they are each randomly generated from a list of possible traits including backpacks, eyewear, headwear, mouth accessories, and more. Even the materials are generated and chosen from a list of plastics, woods, metals, fabrics so that each Brew truly is unique.

Ultimately, ETH.r Brews is working towards building a global network of partnerships with breweries all over the world to get their community access to free beer when they walk through the doors, discounts on merch, early access to small-batch productions and new releases, exclusive tours of breweries, and access to membership clubs and rewards programs.

Additionally, ETH.r Brews is utilizing its skilled team of marketers, strategists, graphic designers, and video editors to help onboard its partners into the NFT space.

What does the future of ETH.r Brews look like?

The aim for the future of ETH.r Brews is to be able to go to any major city in the world and there will be an ETH.r Brews brewery there to welcome you. Some of the on-chain utility includes what is called the Icechest and the Golden Club. 

You can think of the Ice Chest as your digital closet for your ETH.r Brews NFT. This means you are able to fully customize your NFT by breaking apart your token into individual traits, where each trait becomes its own NFT and you can swap the traits on and off your Brew, as well as buy and sell individual traits on the marketplace.

This functionality also allows ETH.r Brews to expand their collection down the line and partner with brands like Heineken, for example, to release Heineken branded traits.

The idea with the Gold Club is that there are certain Gold Club traits that allow holders to earn a profit share from these traits. So essentially, you have the potential to build and customize your own ETH.r Brews NFT to achieve maximum profitability.

ETH.r Brews' Big Ass Mint Party

If you are looking to mint your own ETH.r Brew NFT, then you might want to attend the Big Ass Mint Party! ETH.r Brews has already sold out of phase one (50 percent) of their collection, so for now, minting has been paused for a few weeks leading up to the party.

The party will include founders and leads from other NFT projects, as well as music performers from the NFT space. You can attend the Big Ass Mint Party on March 12, which ETH.r Brew is hosting on Twitter spaces.

So, if you like beer and want to be part of a community that also enjoys a good brew, you might want to consider checking out ETH.r Brews. You can join the ETH.r Brews Discord to learn more and make sure to set your reminder for the Big Ass Mint Party as well. Cheers.

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