What Is The Treeverse NFT Game?


Treeverse is a browser-based metaverse that is geared to be a social media platform like Discord or Twitter, but with a more NFT-focused community. It was founded this year by Loopify, who is a well-known NFT creator and collector within the community. Loopify started as an artist in the NFT space and began Treeverse by creating the NFT collectibles project NFTrees. One of the key draws to Treeverse—besides the community that Loopify has nurtured—is that it plans to add play to earn elements down the road.

ONE37pm asked Loopify what they feel separates Treeverse from other play-to-earn games: “Treeverse will be one of the first playable MMORPGs where you can exchange assets earned in-game for NFTs and also earn our native currency that runs the world. We have a ton of things that we are doing, but my personal favorite is definitely earning assets in the game and allowing them to be freely traded as NFTs in our marketplace. It's another form of 'p2e' and it's for users who spend more time and effort inside of our game for the rarer items."

Built with a retro style, the game uses art that reminds people of classic games like Pokémon and Runescape. “Treeverse will be very community-centric and will have a unique art style compared to other traditional games. I think this is what will attract other users and keep our community involved,” Loopify tells us. This community-driven focus has blossomed from the fact that NFTrees went from being a project to a “full-blown metaverse.”

Earlier this year, NFTrees was the first collection that kicked off Treeverse; there are only 420 trees available in the original collection. Building on top of the NFTrees project is one of the biggest draws to Treeverse, which is the NFT collection called the Founders’ Private Plots or FPP. Founders’ Private Plots NFTs grant you access to private homes inside of Treeverse. Inside these homes, you can display your favorite NFTs, show off the art you have, and invite your friends to come over. Since the inception of the FPP, the team has added new features—including animated frames.

What is Timeless?

Timeless is an avatar collection that will act as playable characters inside of Treeverse. There are plans for it to become a brand. “Think anime, manga, figurines, etc.” Timeless gives you a unique appearance in the game. There will be over 11,111 avatars minted in total. There will be no public sale. Instead, on the release date, community members will be given the option to mint an avatar for 0.222 ETH. NFTrees holders can mint a Timeless avatar for free.

With the acceleration of this project and all the exciting updates, we asked Loopify if Treeverse is the end goal: “Treeverse is the end goal, but I am building Interleave which will transition into a DAO and relate to Treeverse in a way. I am very passionate about the things I am building and lucky to be in a position where I can continue doing them as time passes.”

Members of the One37pm team own one or more of the NFTs discussed in the article.

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