Women and Weapons are About to Go Super-Nova

A new type of influencer for a digital age.

Women and Weapons/Nova

Women and Weapons (WAW) launched in October 2021 with a clear mission: “to highlight the intrinsic power in women and build the most significant, global, and diverse community in Web3.”

Sara Baumann, the artist and founder of WAW, says “These weapons are symbols and metaphors of the weapons women carry into their everyday lives. Whether that be empathy, motherhood, courage, intelligence, brilliance, business savvy…whatever it may be.”

Since their initial launch, WAW has blossomed into a multi-million dollar brand with a vibrant community.

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Women and Weapons

In June, they released Season 2 of their digital collection: Atrium Wars. 

Today, one of those characters is stepping into the limelight to expand the brand’s reach beyond the walls of Crypto Twitter.

Introducing Nova

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Women and Weapons

Nova is a digital influencer.

“She is essentially our 3D-animated, fully rigged for motion capture character,” says Baumann.

“She’s going to be a non-extractive, sustainable source of income for the brand,” Baumann adds.

With the emergence of royalty-free trading platforms, Web3 companies are seeking alternative sources of revenue in order to thrive.

For starters, Nova is joining Cameo, a company creating authentic connections between celebrities and their fans.

Cameo has partnered with stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Tom Felton, and Magic Johnson to deliver personalized video messages for any occasion.

Cameo is just the beginning.

Baumann says, “Nova is going to be able to work with brands in ways that perhaps I can’t work with brands, or Women and Weapons can’t work with brands.”

In many ways, Nova will serve as an example for how holders of WAW can exercise their full commercial rights and monetize their intellectual property.

Beyond One Character’s Story

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Women and Weapons

Baumann says, “One of my goals from the beginning has been to really bring my characters to life…to go beyond telling one character’s story.”

In order to help Women and Weapons become a household brand, holders can breathe life into their own characters, as well.

The Member Portal on the WAW website is a place to start. But in the future, Baumann says, “I want people to be able to utilize their characters in more ways than what is currently presented to them.”

“Hopefully, that means giving them tools to bring their characters to life in perhaps ways that we’ve done, or perhaps ways that are more creative,” she adds.

The Future of WAW

“My intention is to be around the space forever. We don’t want to go away,” Baumann says.

Baumann emphasizes that they are building for years into the future, not weeks or months. But this space moves fast, and she has recognized that from the start.

The WAW Credo states, “When you’re building the plane while flying it, it can be hard to remember why you took off from the ground in the first place.”

As Baumann explains, WAW was originally meant to portray women of the mid century era, who were often put down and perceived as less powerful.

During this time, many women entered the workforce when their countries were at war, and they worked in factories building weapons.

Today, Baumann is arming her holders with a different type of weapon, a new set of tools.

She is using her artwork to build a lasting brand behind a diverse community, and providing a template for her holders to prosper in a new digital economy.

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