19 Instagram Accounts You Need to be Following to Get Your Life Right

Because isn’t it about time you got your shit together?

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You have 168 hours in a week, but when you factor in everything you have to do and then add in everything you should be doing, there’s barely enough time left to sleep. The people on this list understand, and they are here to inspire, advise, and motivate you to get your life together. They’re all shining examples of, “If I did this, then you can, too!”

From men who are killing it at work to killing it in the gym, and everything in between, here are twenty accounts you should be following when you just need a bigger push to go after the things that are really important.

When You Need Proof That You Can Find A Job You Love:

1. Karol Weber / @inspektor_hotelowy

Karol Weber looks to be a man who enjoys a plush robe. His feed showcases him donning one in the lobby of the Four Seasons Astir Palace in Athens, Greece...and The Villa Di Capovento in Chianti, Italy, The Goring Hotel in London, England and The Hôtel de Crillon in Paris, France. As a hotel inspector and consultant, Weber travels the world and advises investors on boutique hotel projects. His blog, Enjoy Your Stay, examines trends in the hospitality industry while documenting some pretty unbelievable lodging.


2. Bronson Van Wyck / @bronsonvanwyck

Bronson Van Wyck’s Instagram bio states, “Born to party. Forced to work.” As your favorite celebrity’s favorite party planner, van Wyck has organized events for Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyonce, as well as three U.S. Presidents (Bush, Clinton, and Obama), just to name a few. His favorite story to tell? The time P. Diddy requested fake snow less than 45 minutes before his birthday party. With boundless energy and an easy-going demeanor towards his job (“It’s just work,”), van Wyck documents some cool behind-the-scenes pictures of his process. ​​​​​​


3. Daniel Krieger / @danielkrieger

Daniel Krieger isn’t just a food photographer, he’s the food photographer. Food editors, award-winning chefs and restaurant owners sing his praises about his elegant and mesmerizing artistry. His pictures are beautiful, delicious, and always manage to tell a story. He even shot Time Out’s Food and Drink Awards Issue one year just using Instagram. Yeah, he’s that good.


4. Mauro Morandi / @maurodabudelli

How does “private island caretaker” sound as a job? Mauro Morandi just wanted to get away from it all so in 1989, he settled on the pink beaches of La Spiagga Rosa on the remote island of Budelli. Inheriting a shack that had housed the former owner, Morandi lived alone for years, taking care of the island by himself. Eventually, he started posting pictures on Instagram, turning the island into a National Park and settling into his new role as island caretaker and tour guide. His pictures have been viewed on Google Maps by upwards of a million people.


5. Alex Frassinetti / @alex_frassinetti

Did you know that being a driving instructor could be a pretty lucrative position? Especially if you’re doling out driving tips at Lamborghini’s Intensive Driving School. As a member of the GT3 program, Frassinetti trains intensely with professional drivers, working towards the opportunity to one day serve as an instructor at the elite Lamborghini Accademia. Interested in a two-day lesson with guys like Frassinetti? It will cost you a cool $12,000. A little out of your price range? Then just head on over to IG and enjoy his photos of cool ass cars.


When You Just Need To Know That Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Motivation/Inspiration):

6. Rickey Thompson / @rickeythompson

There’s not a bad day that Rickey Thompson’s light-hearted, dancing videos can’t cure.  Charismatic and full of personality, Thompson’s followers seek out his uplifting and empowering posts because it’s hard not to like someone who joyously celebrates themselves. While most videos will have Thompson throwing out compliments to the camera, others are hilarious monologues. Check out his latest one where he tells mean girls, “So if I’m nice, be nice right the fuck back!


7. Joel Leon / @JoelakaMaG

Joel Leon is a dope spirit. He’s also a talented writer and artist, devoted father, a champion of women and people of color, and a constant reminder that you are, and always will be, enough. When life gets hard, Leon will be there telling you to breathe, to be still, to trust the process and to always go the way of love. His posts always manage to hit on exactly what you need to hear and serve as a testament to the resiliency of the human spirit.


8. Lewis Howes / @LewisHowes

Lewis Howes has a big goal: to inspire 100 million people to live their best life. To maximize his time and reach, he created The School of Greatness as well as a Top 100 Podcast on iTunes, all in an effort to help people find their purpose. Ever in need of a quick pick-me-up, his feed features snippets of interviews with a wide range of famous people and some of their insightful and key takeaways. ​​​​​​

9. Balazs W. Kardos / @balazswkardos

You know those people who look like they have really amazing lives, but you still aren’t sure what they do? Enter Balazs W. Kardos, founder of The Diamond Life, an “online education system that empowers entrepreneurial success.” His Instagram is a mix of straight forward advice, but presented in sexy, curated videos, and pictures of him and his gorgeous life living a pretty lavish life.


10. Brandon Stanton / @humansofnewyork

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t familiar with Humans of New York, the popular photo project that gives followers a peek into someone else’s world. Sometimes motivational, sometimes heart-warming, sometimes introspective, and sometimes tragic, Stanton’s posts will never fail to inspire you to live life louder and more fully.


When You Are Getting Serious About Your Health And Wellness (Men’s Wellness)

11. Kevin Curry / @fitmencook

In 2008, Kevin Curry was battling with depression. He had just lost his job, had to get on food stamps, and moved back in with his parents. On top of everything, he gained a lot of weight. In an attempt to at least get his body back in shape, he went to a half-priced book store, bought every book on nutrition and health, and started documenting his journey on social media. Now with almost 1.5 million followers on Instagram, Curry shows how to make delicious, healthy meals without breaking the bank.


12. Dan Harris / @danharris

If you’ve ever had a panic attack before, you know how terrifying it can be: Your heart is racing, you can’t breathe, you’re sweating profusely and your brain is screaming at you to make a run for it. Now imagine doing that in front of five million people. In 2004, NBC Anchor Dan Harris experienced a panic attack live on-air, forcing him to deal with his ongoing issues with depression and anxiety. Harris found that peace through meditation. Aware that “the perception has been that it is for hippies and you have to wear funny outfits or join a religion or sit in a weird position,” Harris offers a more accessible approach to being more mindful with his 10% Happier Podcast and app to find calm, insight, and sleep.


13. Kevin Hart / @kevinhart

Kevin Hart: comedian, actor, influencer? Hitting the gym 6-7 times a week, Hart is not only committed to his healthy lifestyle, but he’s passionate about inspiring others as well. He’s teamed up with Nike to create the Run With Hart app and the corresponding Move With Hart podcast that offers hilarious, yet informative inspiration. Hart, however, really shines in his YouTube series What the Fit, where viewers can watch Hart and his celebrity friends trying out different work-outs. See him boxing with Evander Holyfield and Joel McHale, beer yoga with Chance the Rapper and gymnastics with Terry Crews.


14. David Goggins / @davidgoggins

To say that David Goggins is an impressive man would be an understatement. He is the only man in history to ever complete training as a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger and Air Force Tactical Air Controller. He’s completed over 60 endurance races and events, once held the Guinness World Record for completing the most pull-ups in 24 hours (4,030 in 17 hours), has completed over 60 races, and his book, Can’t Hurt Me, has been on Amazon’s Most Read charts for 44 weeks. You can still watch Goggins practice what he preaches on Instagram, where he records motivational videos while running, hiking, and lifting weights. ​​​​


When You Struggle With Work/Life Balance (Work/Life Balance):

15. Tim Ferriss / @timferriss

Tim Ferriss loves to figure out how to do more with less. After finding success with his book The 4-Hour Workweek, he followed up with bestsellers The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Chef, and he didn’t stop there. He went on to interview hundreds of the most superhuman people on how they get it all done, and compiled his insights into Tools of Titans and Tribe of Mentors. One of the most fascinating things about Ferriss, however, is the number of rigorous tests and training he puts his body and mind through for the sake of productivity. You can hear all about it in his award-winning podcast.


16. Adam Grant / @adamgrant

It’s an understatement to say that Adam Grant is a pretty good teacher. While impressive to become tenured anywhere, Grant was tenured at Wharton School of Business, while still in his twenties, all while receiving an Excellence In Teaching Award for every class he’s ever taught. His four New York Times bestsellers have been praised by other overachievers like Richard Branson and Malcolm Gladwell, and in his free time, his research on reducing burnout and increasing productivity has won him awards for distinguished scholarly achievements.


17. Austin Belcak / @cultivated.culture

Think about your dream job. How much time do you need to get there? Experience? Connections? Austin Belcak spent two years going on over 50 interviews and connecting with high-performing individuals at the top of their field to perfect the process of landing THE JOB. Founder of the Cultivated Culture, Belcak promises that he can help you triple your salary and get a job in an industry you have no prior experience in. 


18. Darius Foroux / @dariusforoux

Darius Foroux’s bio reads, “I write about productivity, habits, decision making, and personal finance.” Right off the bat, he’s firing on all cylinders. While his blog is full of helpful articles about managing time and breaking bad habits, his Instagram has quirky doodles and cartoons that touch on other aspects of entrepreneurship, like anxiety, failure, and chasing happiness. ​​​​​​


19. Ryder Carroll / @rydercarroll

You might not know who Ryder Carroll is, but you’ve definitely heard of his product: the Bullet Journal. Described as, “a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system,” Carroll wanted to create a method to organize his thoughts and maximize functionality. Now there are thousands of blogs and social media accounts dedicated to showing off beautiful and artistically captivating Bullet Journals, but Carroll reiterates that the content of your journal is the only thing that’s important and the “only artistic skill required is the ability to draw straightish lines.”

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