Meet Allison Johnson: Founder and CEO of ShopBomb Beauty

The young entrepreneur has her sights set on a bright future

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Allison Johnson

Allison Johnson has big plans for the future. 

Fresh off a successful tenure as a basketball player at Georgia State University, where she was named the Sunbelt Newcomer of the Year, Johnson recently launched her own business, ShopBomb Beauty, where she offers an assortment of handmade lip glosses as well as lashes. For those that know Johnson, this new business venture comes as no surprise as the young entrepreneur was also recognized on campus as a beauty trendsetter both on and off the court.

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Allison Johnson

“I’m a new CEO! I can tell you that I started my business because people kind of influenced me to do it. By this, I mean, and you know this from covering my games, I always have lashes and lip gloss on—it’s a must! Everyone always noticed and said, ‘if you know Allison, she’s always gonna have those two ready!’ So I was like dang—that’s a big part of who I am!”

In addition to her basketball skills, people also quickly noticed her on the court style and flair—including her makeup skills. So it was only natural that the next step would be a beauty business that focuses on those skills.

“I like looking pretty all the time and stuff—I literally buy lashes and lip gloss every week, so I figured why not start my own company? It was always a dream of mine to have my own company, so I thought this would be perfect.”

With her business still in the early stages, Johnson is in a unique position as she does everything, including making the products herself. 

“The lip glosses are made by me right now. I had to do a lot of research on lip care and different oils as well as their benefits on skin and lips. I ended up coming up with a recipe that I think I really like!”

The task of making everything herself also includes launching her own website.

“Honestly, launching my website was a lot of work because I didn’t pay anyone to do it—which is what I really wanted because I wanted this first website to be from me, you know? I felt like if somebody else does it, it’s not going to be the same. So I had to go step by step, creating a website, but it was fun, and I’m pretty happy with the result.”

After a successful launch that saw her selling out multiple products in just a couple of weeks, the plan is continued growth with the mission of empowering her buyers to look and feel great every day.

“I was just talking about this with my friend the other day. I’ve always been super big on the fact that basketball players can be pretty too! There’s this stereotype that female basketball players are manlike and stuff, and I am all about the opposite! Basketball is just a sport—it shouldn’t define your femininity. You can be a beast on the court and a pretty girl on and off it! I’m a great example of doing that with my boujee self!

You can keep up with Allison for all things ShopBomb on both Instagram and the official ShopBomb Beauty website.

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