A New Era of 'Dr. Seuss': Meet the Rimes Family

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Bedtime Chronicles

Bedtime stories are meant to be simplistic, visually appealing, and playful. They are considered a universal pastime, one that's been passed down from house to house, family to family, and bedtime to bedtime over the span of countless years. 

The brand new book series called “The Bedtime Chronicles” might represent the latest and greatest edition of nursery rhymes and storytelling for slumber time.

The soon-to-be collection of tales revolves around a bi-racial family of five—Benny, Mary Lou, Pam, Stan, and Hip-Hop. In each book, a different family member takes their turn telling Benny a bedtime story. Stan, the father, does so in the only book of the series to be released so far called, Legend of the Dadman.

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Excerpt from "The Legend of the Dadman" / The Bedtime Chronicles

“We just wanted to put something out there that’s uplifting, that can make people happy and bring joy to families, Derek says. I think Legend of the Dadman is a great representation of that - you think he's this superhero, but he's really just a regular dad trying to be there for his family, eat their cupcakes, have all the trials, and tribulations that a dad has. We’re just trying to do something special and unique for people out there."

Derek is more than just the driving force behind the writing, he is the lyrical wordsmith, the MC if you will, moving the audience with his rhymes and passion for a specific genre of music.

“The truth is, I’m a hip hop aficionado—I'm obsessed with hip-hop music. I wanted to try and find as many clever ways to incorporate that into this book series. With this, I have the ability to pay homage to the great rappers from my childhood and the ones I listen to now. I think it is (Hip-Hop) such an overlooked art form when it relates to creativity and storytelling. Once you’re able to bring your passion into something, it makes it fun. "

Along with the rhymes and natural play on words from the first book, you’ll find references to songs from old-school hip-hop as well, Derek's preferred taste. Bars from Biggie Smalls, Def Jam, Q-Tip, and Dr. Dre are all hidden within the book’s scenes, giving those who are familiar with the lingo, myself included, some good old-fashioned goosebumps.

Ryan, the person who plays the critical role in the business promotion and overall vision of the series, is bringing to life the possibility of venturing beyond just books.

“We’re not just doing books. We're creating a whole universe. Hip-Hop, our bunny character, has recently been made into a stuffed animal. We must’ve gone through 20 factories to make him look exactly the way he looks in the books. We want to do other items that complement the brand like pajamas, night lights, and sticker sheets too" Ryan elaborated.

Speaking of Hip-Hop, Derek had a heart-warming confession to make in regards to how a particular character from the book was inspired.

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(Left) Benny, Pam, Hip-Hop, Stan, Mary Lou (Right) / The Bedtime Chronicles

“'Hip-Hop the bunny' is inspired by my kids’ stuffed animal bunny."

It turns out that Derek had more ideas for his book's character representation - I mean he's like a kid in a candy store at this point.

"Then I told my illustrator I want the dad to resemble Adam Sandler, I want the mom to resemble Maya Rudolph, and then Mary Lou was a combination of a couple of different people that I pulled from online. When I imagined Benny, that’s how I imagined him (bi-racial)."

Derek asserts that this is only the beginning, as he hinted at what is to come for The Bedtime Chronicles. “I cannot wait to drop the second book so people can see the full scope of what we’re doing with the universe. Each story is going to be completely different from the next. I get giddy thinking about putting this out into the world because it’s just so fulfilling to see little kids excited and happy."

Back of book
The back of "Legend of The Dadman" / The Bedtime Chronicles

Even though he has huge aspirations for the series, Ryan the visionary understands how important maintaining a solid foundation is. "We want to live on every bookshelf and inside the tv screens and drawers of every child in America. But we’re going to focus on the base, which is the books. We should stay solely focused on putting out the highest quality books and let the chips fall where they may. Let us put out the best on what we can in book form and go from there."

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