The 8 Best Battery Electric Car Rules Everyone Should Know


If you've ever driven a car full of people—whether they're friends, family, or even some hitchhikers you picked up along the way—you'd probably prefer they adhere to your set of rules for the road. Because let's face it: There are few things worse than a car full of grumpy people stuck on a road trip together.

In the era of modern electric vehicles, it's also important to remember that not all cars are made the same. In fact, BEVs have different standards than your traditional gas-powered vehicles. To help highlight those differences, we've teamed up with Toyota to break it all down for you.

Toyota’s first-ever bZ4X promises to be one of the best and most striking EVs on the road when it becomes available in 2022. Standing for "Beyond Zero," the bZ4X is is just one of the latest additions to Toyota's collection of EVs and represents the company's commitment to carbon neutrality.

With that, let's talk rules of the road—particularly when it comes to electric and alternative power train vehicles.

1. A seemingly endless amount of benefits

It goes without saying but there are plenty of benefits that would make you happy for choosing a BEV. When you're driving in your BEV, enjoy the smooth acceleration and quiet drive, while also taking comfort in the fact that the reduction in CO2 emissions helps lessen your impact on the environment.

The best part? All of the potential savings you'll see from Federal/State incentives and overall maintenance costs.

2. Speaking of charging, don't ask me what happens if we run out

Sure, checking up on the car's battery levels is essential. After all, we'd hate to be stuck far from the nearest charging station. But have no fear, the driver will handle it.

Don't worry about finding a charging station either, because thanks to the Toyota app, locating a place to charge the car's battery has never been easier.

3. The touch screen's got the directions covered

Getting from point A to point B in a timely fashion is always the goal, and thanks to the Touch Screen GPS on the all-new 21 Multi-Media system, we'll be at our destination in no time.

4. Check out that panoramic sunroof

We know you saw that panoramic sunroof as soon you got in the car. It's perfect for enjoying a clear blue sky during the day and stargazing at night. Don't forget to take in the sights as we cruise along.

5. Enjoy the smooth (and quiet!) ride

You should know one thing about electric vehicles: They run nice and nearly silent, so you're going to love a little peace and quiet on your next drive.

Whether you're going to work, back home, or finally taking that road trip you've been planning, your ride should always be smooth. And when you're in a BEV, that's a guarantee.

6. Let's keep the car looking photogenic

If you couldn't tell already by the images above, the bZ4X is sleek, striking, and gorgeous to look at. Since the exterior has such a great design (just take a look at the front fenders!), we'd hate to see it get scuffed up, so feel free to apply the "look, but don't touch" rule until you get into the car.

7. Stretch out, you've got the room

This ride has plenty of room for you to stretch your legs out and get nice and comfortable for the journey ahead, especially if you're in the backseat. So while it may not necessarily be a "rule," we like to refer to it more as a "recommendation." After all, who wants to be uncomfortable while they're cruising?

8. If you're gonna post a TikTok, make sure you tag me

The bZ4X is made to be shared on social media, and this new ride is built to take center stage in your next post on TikTok. So when you're taking a ride in the new car, don't forget to tag me in the post. After all, we all deserve a little shine on social media, and when we're riding around in this car, we all look good.