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There’s never been a better time to crack open a cold one in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re low-key sippin’ while working remotely (we won’t tell your boss) or recreating your favorite dive bar in the yard, keeping your fridge full of beer is as essential as, well, keeping your bathroom full of toilet paper (that’s a quarantine joke). And since the last thing anyone wants to do right now is head out for a dreaded beer run, why not keep your beer supply stocked by getting it regularly delivered straight to your door?

Brew connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike have plenty of options when it comes to finding their perfect beer subscription, from shipments of international IPAs to hard-to-find craft beers from microbreweries you never knew existed.

Taste the highest-quality Ales, Lagers, Sours, and Stouts, and perhaps even learn a thing or two about your go-to beverage. Bottom line: you never have to settle for a warm six-pack of Natty Light from 7-Eleven again.

1. First Sip Brew Box

Kicking off our list is First Sip Brew Box, a monthly subscription (or one time gift) for the ultimate beer enthusiast. While no actual booze is included, the boxes are chock full of beer gear, from cozies and glasses to t-shirts and even beer-inspired snacks. Customers can choose from three levels of membership:

The Brewmaster Brew Box, starting at $25 per month: includes unique swag from that month’s featured independent brewery. 

The Enthusiast Brew Box, starting at $50 per month: packed with craft beer adjacent items to eat, wear, and use from local breweries and small businesses, including specialty desserts made from your favorite beverage. A recent box even boasted boozy BBQ sauce, so yeah, we’re into it.

The Connoisseur Brew Box, starting at $60 per month: the premium option that includes all of the above and then some, like curated extras picked just for you! Because you’re not a real beer fan until you’ve got all that #rare merch.


2. Beer Drop

ICYMI, there are a ton of great beers coming out of Colorado these days, but unless you’ve got a trip to the mountains planned in your future, the chances of you getting your hands on them are slim. Well, until now. Beer Drop specializes in delivering premium microbrews typically distributed exclusively in Colorado. Boxes are customizable in that you can pick which specific types of beer you enjoy, and memberships come in three tiers starting at $39.99 a month, with options to upgrade to a special release or tap-room only offerings.


3. The Original Craft Beer Club

A tried-and-true favorite, The Original Craft Beer Club has been dubbed a “no-frills classic.” Ideal, of course, for the no-frills beer-drinker. While you shouldn’t expect the newest drops or hardest-to-find brews, you can definitely expect high-quality sips from indie microbreweries, from Ales to Lagers to Stout and beyond. If you’re just used to a six-pack of Bud, worry not - their website features an extensive A to Z explainer of every beer varietal, exploring its history, tasting notes, food pairings, and even what kind of glass it should be drunk out of. The more you know!

Each shipment starts at $43, includes 12 beers (four styles from two breweries), and can be delivered monthly, every-other-month, or quarterly. Want to split the subscription with your roommates? There’s also a 24-beer option for $82 per box! That’s one way to keep your fridge full.


4. Beer Across America

Founded in 1992, Beer Across America claims to have “invented” the Beer of the Month Club. Whether or not that’s true, it’s the longest-running company on our list, so that earns them some points. For $39.95 a month (which includes free shipping), you’ll receive a box of 12 unique beers from independent craft breweries from across the country. Each shipment features four different styles from two breweries, and every order comes complete with a free stainless steel bottle opener approved by bartending pros. We particularly love how flexible this membership is - ahead of every delivery, recipients receive an email with that month’s selection; if you hate it, you can skip that month and still receive the same number of shipments. Though really, who would skip a month of any kind of beer?


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5. Beer of the Month Club

You can subscribe to coffee, wine, cigars, and even pizza monthly through Clubs of America. But the family-owned company, and one of the premier “gift of the month” clubs in the country, started with perhaps its most famous delivery (and the one we’re talking about now): beer! Its popular Beer of the Month Club starts at around $39 per shipment and boasts 12 full-size bottles of brews from two to three small breweries and a variety of beer styles such as Ales, IPAs, Stouts, Porters, Lagers, and Bocks. Members also receive the free Beer Expeditions monthly newsletter, which gives you all the information you need about that month’s selection, the featured breweries, and tips on how to enjoy your booze best.

Cheers to that.


6. Hop-Heads Beer Club

The late, great Anthony Bourdain may have denounced, and I quote, “fucking Mumford and Sons IPA” as a hipster trend, but there’s no shame in being a certified hop-head. In fact, there’s a beer club just for you! Get all your IPAs, Double IPAs, Session IPAs, IPLs, Imperial IPLs, hoppy Pales, and Red Ales delivered with the Hop-Heads Beer Club. Each shipment (which you can receive monthly, every other month, or quarterly) comes with 12 12 oz. bottles or cans of three hoppy varieties from the U.S. or international microbreweries (see? IPAs are catching on everywhere!). All orders of three shipments or more get you a free bartender’s bottle opener. In addition, every delivery includes their Malt of the Earth newsletter featuring detailed tasting notes as well as brewery profiles, food recommendations, and beer specs from the brewers themselves. Hop on!


7. Craft Beer Kings

So, fair warning, the Craft Beer Kings definitely live up to their name by being one of the more expensive services on this list, but hey - the price you pay for royalty, right? CBK’s monthly subscription boxes, curated by their beer experts, start at $59.99 for six cans and go up to $99.99 for 12. Here’s why we think it’s worth it: while most other beer clubs pick out your monthly selection for you, Craft Beer Kings allows you to choose a subscription-based on your favorite type. So if you already know your Stouts from your Sours, this may be a preferable option. They also specialize in super hype-y 12 or 16 ounce cans, so you can show off your microbrewed booze conveniently (and trust, you’ll want to show off these cool can designs). Want to try out their selection before you commit? You can start by ordering cans a la carte, starting as low as $3.99.


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8. The International Beer Club

For those who want to take their taste buds on a trip overseas, we suggest the International Beer Club. The perfect option for jet-setting sippers currently stuck at home, this membership focuses solely on imported brews, usually from breweries several hundred years old, infamously beer-minded countries such as Germany, Belgium, and England. Each shipment contains 12, 12 oz. hand-crafted beers, two different beer styles, six of each style. So while the varieties in each box are more limited than some of the other services we’ve mentioned, you get the bonus of, quite literally, expanding your beer horizons across the world!


9. Amazing Clubs' Beer of the Month Club

Consistently rated the #1 beer subscription by Buyers Guide,  Amazing Clubs’ Beer Of The Month Club is known for its outstanding customer service and excellent curation of specialty beers from regional boutique breweries. Members can choose from 3, 6, and 12-month clubs and a Beer of the Season Club, which delivers new selections each spring, summer, fall, and winter. The best value, though, is the 12-month option, which comes out to $39.95 a month. Similar to most beer clubs, this one sends 12 full-size bottles from two different breweries, two varieties from each brewery, along with an informative beer lover’s newsletter, The Frosted Mug, featuring brewmaster profiles, tasting notes, detailed beer specifications, and more.


10. Tavour

There’s something to be said of beer clubs that take the guesswork out of ordering by sending you their curated selection, but sometimes you want the option of picking out your stock. That’s why we like Tavour. The app-based service allows you to build your custom box of the craft beers you love or choose your preferences to automatically receive hard-to-find brews from 100% independent breweries across the country. It’s one of the more customizable beer subscriptions out there, with the added convenience of having it all at your fingertips on an app.


11. Rare Beer Club

Calling all hardcore beer aficionados! Join an elite class of drinkers with the Rare Beer Club, a celebrated subscription service initially founded by one of the world’s most acclaimed and knowledgeable beer critics, Michael Jackson (um, no relation). A discerning tasting panel hand-selects every artisanal beer, which is usually limited-release, uber-exclusive, and always presented in a 750 ml bottle, cork finished and wire caged, with a higher ABV that allows for custom DIY aging. Yeah, this stuff is serious. This club also offers a personalized subscription plan, which will enable you to replace a selection, add more bottles, or skip that month’s shipment altogether. Prices start at $38.95 per month for two bottles and go up to $72.95 for six.


12. The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club

The aforementioned Rare Beer Club, International Beer Club, and Hop-Heads Beer Club all stem from the OG: The U.S. Microbrewed Beer Club. For over 25 years, passionate brewmasters and beer judges have scoured the country (and drank a whole lot of beer) to bring their members the best of what microbreweries have to offer each month. With 12 full-sized bottles, four types, from two lightly-distributed breweries, for just $29.95 (plus shipping), this subscription gets you plenty of bang (and unparalleled expert quality) for your buck.

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