The 20 Best Electric Pokémon of All Time, Ranked

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Have you wondered about which Electric Pokémon are the best? Since there are 898 Pokémon, it’s important to know which type each represents. Of all 18 Pokémon types, Electric & Normal have the least weaknesses when battling. The only weakness Electric Pokémon have is with Ground Pokémon. Currently, 61 Electric Pokémon are spanning 8 generations. That’s less than 7% of the total Pokémon population. The key to Electric Pokémon is how much electricity they can generate and discharge in a single move. Here is our countdown of the 20 best Electric Pokémon.

20. Tapu Koko – Gen. 7 #785

600px 785Tapu Koko

The Legendary Pokémon, Tapu Koko, is also the Guardian Deity of Melemele Island. Standing at 6 feet and 45 pounds, Tapu Koko is able to store its’ electricity by simply encasing itself within the shells on its arms. Tapu Koko’s signature move, Nature’s Madness, is utilized by the fellow Guardian Deities of Generation 7. Those Guardian Deities are Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu & Tapu Fini. Tapu Koko is known to have fits of rage but can also quickly fail to remember what caused the rage in the first place. 

19. Xurkitree – Gen. 7 #796

600px 796Xurkitree

The Electric Pokémon, Xurkitree, is one of the Ultra Beasts of Generation 7. Standing at 12 ½ feet & weighing 220 pounds, Xurkitree can gain electricity by plugging its limbs into the ground. Legend has it that Xurkitree once raided a power plant, thus gaining the ability to survive off electricity alone. Xurkitree is capable of expelling up to 1 million volts of electricity at a time.  

18. Ampharos – Gen. 2 #181

600px 181Ampharos

Generation 2 Pokémon Ampharos is the evolution of Flaffy & Mareep. Ampharos is a true Electric-type and is unique in that the orb on the tip of its tail can light up so bright that it can be seen as far as outer space. Although Ampharos isn’t fast, it can evolve into Mega Ampharos, which heightens its abilities by also becoming a Dragon Pokémon. This is only possible with Ampharosite, which is a Mega Stone. 

17. Manectric – Gen. 3 #310

600px 310Manectric

Manectric is an Electric Pokémon that evolves from Electrike. Standing at nearly 5 feet and 90 pounds, Manectric builds up electricity through its fur. It’s said that lightning created Manectric. Manectric is also the Police Dog of Officer Jenny in the Kalos Region. 

16. Electivire – Gen. 4 #466

600px 466Electivire

The evolution of Electabuzz, Electivire is possibly the most powerful Electric Pokémon in existence. Just how powerful? A single Electivire can generate enough electricity to power a city for up to a year. Electivire’s electricity output depends on its pulse at a given time. Electivire is only capable of evolving with the help of the Electerizer, which is a device used to evolve from Electabuzz.  At nearly 6 feet and 300 pounds, this electric Pokémon has the power to match its size. 

15. Thundurus – Gen. 5 #642

600px 642Thundurus

The electric/flying type Pokémon, Thundurus, is one of the most feared Pokémon in existence. Due to destructive tendencies, such as causing thunderstorms and destroying places it passes, Thundurus is certainly scary. Resembling a genie, Thundurus stands at 5 Feet & 135 pounds and shoots thunderbolts through its tail. Thundurus is a member of the Forces of Nature, which is the Legendary Trio including Landorus and Tornadus. Tornadus and Thundurus battle every time they meet.  

14. Raikou – Gen. 2 #243

600px 243Raikou

One of the legendary beasts, Raikou was revived by Ho-Oh after perishing in a fire at the Brass Tower. Along with Raikou in the fire were Entei and Suicune, who were also revived. Legend has it that Raikou’s lightning strike ignited that fire. Raikou stands at 6 feet and weighs close to 400 pounds. Raikou is also capable of controlling storms, and its’ cries can cause tremors. 

13. Arctozolt-Gen. 8 #881

Screen Shot 2021 09 28 at 10.19.07 AM

Arctozolt is a fossil Pokémon that resurrects with the assistance of the Fossilized Bird and Fossilized Dino. Standing at over 7 ½ feet and 330 pounds, Arctozolt is one of the larger Pokémon on the list. Arctozolt is an Electric and Ice type Pokémon with a powerful move called Slush Rush. Although it’s a slow Pokémon, Arctozolt has a lot of power, which is obtained by shaking its upper half. 

12. Toxtricity-Gen. 8 #845

Screen Shot 2021 09 28 at 10.20.33 AM

The Electric / Poison-type Pokémon Toxtricity is the evolution of Toxel. Toxtricity can have 2 different forms, Amped & Low Key. The Amped form is more of a strong and fun personality while the Low Key form is lonesome and serious. The way to tell the difference between the two is the Amped form has a yellow and purple appearance while the Low Key form has a light blue and purple appearance. Toxtricity stands at just over 5 feet and 88 pounds and can generate over 15,000 volts of electricity. 

11. Regieleki-Gen. 8 #894

600px 894Regieleki

One of the Legendary Titans, Regieleki came into existence through the use of pure electric energy. Regieleki’s creator is Generation 4 Pokémon Regigigas, which is a Normal-type Pokémon. Regieleki is considered one of the greatest Electric Pokémon due to its ability to absorb electrons. Regieleki is capable of powering all of the Galar Region.

10. Elektross – Gen. 5 #604

600px 604Eelektross

Eelektross resembles an eel and is a powerful Electric-type Pokémon. Evolving from Elektrik, Eelektross bites its prey when hunting on land, and electrocutes them before consuming underwater. At nearly 7 feet and 180 pounds, Eelektross has no weaknesses due to its ability to levitate, which makes ground attacks useless. 

9. Electrode-Gen. 1 #101

Screen Shot 2021 09 28 at 10.24.40 AM

Evolving from Voltorb, Generation 1 Pokémon Electrode looks like a Pokeball. At nearly 4 feet & 145 pounds, Electrode is quite large for a Pokeball. Electrode typically can be found at Power Plants due to its consumption of the electricity being generated there. The more electricity, the faster Electrode becomes. Electrodes are also capable of causing blackouts due to the amounts of energy they consume. 

8. Electabuzz Gen. 1 #125

600px 125Electabuzz

OG Electric Pokémon Electabuzz certainly packs a punch. At over 3 ½ feet and 66 pounds, Electabuzz doesn’t seem big, but it’s more than capable of causing blackouts when raiding Power Plants. To prevent this from happening, ground-type Pokémon, which are resistant to Electric moves, are kept at the Power Plants. Electabuzz also gathers electricity during thunderstorms by acting as a lightning rod. They can also communicate with one another through electrical currents. 

7. Dracozolt – Gen. 8 #880

Screen Shot 2021 09 28 at 10.44.03 AM

Dracozolt is an Electric and Dragon-type Pokémon that can be resurrected only by combining a Fossilized Bird & Fossilized Drake. The fossilized Drake is a Generation 8 fossil. Standing at nearly 6 feet and weighing just under 420 pounds, Dracozolt is one of the larger electric Pokémon.  

6. Jolteon – Gen. 1 #135

600px 135Jolteon

Jolteon is one of the three original evolutions of Eevee. Evolving with the Thunder Stone, Jolteon is capable of discharging 10,000 Volt Lightning Bolts. The other ‘Eevolutions’ are Vaporeon and Flareon.

5. Raichu-Gen. 1 #26


Coming in at 5th on our list is Raichu. Raichu evolves from Pikachu with the help of the Thunder Stone. Raichu is 2 ½ feet tall and weighs less than 70 pounds. Although he is smaller than most of the Pokémon on this list, Raichu is capable of storing over 100,000 volts of electricity. Once Raichu has reached maximum capacity, it releases some electricity through its tail and into the ground. 

4. Magnezone – Gen. 8 #462

600px 462Magnezone

A drone-looking Pokémon, Magnezone takes 4th on our list. Magnezone evolves from Magneton with the help of a Thunderstone. It can also evolve in a special magnetic field when it's ready to. While Magnemite and Magneton are generation 1 Pokémon, Magnezone is a Generation 8 Pokémon. Magnezone uses its magnets to control gravity and fly with ease.  Magnezone is capable of using Magnet Pull, which disables the ability for opponents to switch out Steel-Type Pokémon. 

3. Zapdos – Gen. 1 #145

600px 145Zapdos

One of the Legendary Birds, Zapdos is worthy of a top 3 spot on our list. Located in the Kanto Region, Zapdos is capable of creating thunderstorms from the electricity it generates while flying & has a top speed of 180 MPH. Not bad for a bird that’s over 5 feet tall & weighs 116 pounds. 

2. Zekrom – Gen. 5 #644

600px 644Zekrom

Legendary Pokémon Zekrom is an Electric & Dragon-type. Zekrom is from the Unova Region and is a member of the Tao Trio. The other two are Reshiram and Kyurem. Zekrom stands at nearly 9 ½ feet & 760 pounds and is capable of creating thunderstorms. The power is generated from its’ tail which also creates an anti-gravity field. Zekrom is the game mascot for Pokémon White. Zekrom is the largest of all the Pokémon on this list. 

1. Pikachu - Gen. 1 #25

Screen Shot 2021 09 28 at 3.46.36 PM

The most recognizable of all Pokémon, Pikachu translates in English as Electric Rodent. Pikachu recharges while sleeping and when fully charged, is capable of generating a 10 Million-Volt Thunderbolt. Due to always saving the day and being the mascot of the Pokémon Franchise, there was no way any other Electric Pokémon would edge Pikachu out. Simply put, Pikachu is the Rocky of Pokémon. You can beat em’ down and wear em’ out, but no matter what, you’ll hear that PIKACHUUU and the other Pokémon is about to have squiggly lines for eyes. Pikachu is the boss, he refuses to get into a Pokeball and will make Team Rocket blast off again!

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