The 10 Best Movies Set in Boston and Beyond, Ranked

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Growing up in the greater Boston area, I’ve always had a soft spot for films set there. The films hit home a little harder and I always feel like I can relate to them on a better level compared to other films. So I decided to rank them and give you what I think are the best movies set in Boston and the surrounding areas.

Before we get into the list, there will definitely be some HOT takes. Please keep in mind this is just my list, so please go see these films and form your own opinions. Additionally, I will not be including films like The Social Network and Shutter Island because I don’t consider them Boston-oriented movies. Now let’s get into the 10 best movies set in the Boston area.

10. CODA

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9. The Boondock Saints

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8. Ted

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7. Gone Baby Gone


6. Patriots Day

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5. The Fighter


4. Spotlight

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3. Good Will Hunting


2. Manchester by the Sea

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1. The Departed

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