The 12 Best Rock Climbing Documentaries

Free Solo Mobile
National Geographic / Jimmy Chin

Watching rock climbing documentaries is kind of like stealing french fries off your friend's plate at a restaurant: you can't just sneak one—you have to eat them all.

From must-see classics like Free Solo and The Dawn Wall to films like Valley Uprising and Fine Lines that get into the real heart of climbing, these 12 rock climbing documentaries exemplify the mental and physically journey that comprise the sport.

1. 'The Alpinist'

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2. 'The Dawn Wall'

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3. 'Free Solo'

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4. 'Valley Uprising'

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5. 'Meru'

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6. '14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible"

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7. 'Reel Rock 13'

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8. 'Fine Lines'

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9. 'Africa Fusion'

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10. 'Dirtbag'

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11. 'Reel Rock 16'

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12. 'Explorer: The Last Tepui'

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