24 Best Sci-Fi Series On Netflix to Watch Right Now

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We’re currently surviving about 8 separate armageddons all at once — so there’s something oddly comforting about fiction in which humans have to deal with only one doomsday at a time. Netflix’s sci-fi section specifically has been an unlikely balm for the radioactive burns of this current dystopian moment, with selections ranging from cyberpunk adventures to philosophical meditations on the difference between man and machine. Unfortunately, there’s a whole lot of garbage on there, too, so you might be wondering: What are the best Sci-Fi series on Netflix?

Like a diligent robot farming for minerals on a distant planet, we’ve sorted out the valuable resources from the detritus and curated a playlist of Netflix’s greatest sci-fi series for your post-apocalyptic viewing pleasure. Check out our (superhero free!) curated list, below.

1. 'Twin Peaks'

2. 'Black Mirror'

3. 'Stranger Things'

4. 'Gurren Lagann'

5. 'Sense8'

6. 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'

7. 'Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045'

8. 'Dark'

9. 'The 100'

10. 'Altered Carbon'

11. 'The OA'

12. 'Godzilla (Planet of the Monsters, City on the Edge of Battle, The Planet Eater)'

13. 'Neo-Yokio'

14. 'The Twilight Zone (Original Series)'

15. 'Dragon Pilot'

16. 'Mobile Suit Gundam UC'

17. 'Attack on Titan'

18. 'Star Trek: Deep Space 9'


20. 'Ultraman'

21. 'Lost in Space'

22. 'Hunter X Hunter'

23. 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse'

24. 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica'

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