The Five Best Seinfeld Episodes Ever, Ranked

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It says a lot about the show Seinfeld, which debuted in July, 1995 and lasted nine seasons, that there are contenders for "best episode ever" from every single season, and that lists like this are not particularly friendly to any one season.

What is the best, or are the best ever? Obviously, that is a matter of opinion. But we're as entitled to opinion on this matter as anyone, and we've seen 'em all.

Please read on for our five fave episodes, in descending order. Spoiler alert: five different seasons are represented!

Oh, and if you want to watch these five, and all the rest, just log into your Netflix account and open up the Seinfeld page.

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5. Season 7, Episode 6 (1995)

4. Season 5, Episode 21

3. Season 8, Episode 8

This episode revolves around Kramer and Jerry changing apartments because of the obtrusive light from a Kenny Rogers Roasters sign. First of all, Kenny Rogers is an absolute 80s legend, so the reminders of his heyday are great. For another, Kramer gets hooked on the chicken, partly because of Newman, a character who always made the show better.

2. Season 3, Episode 6

1. Season 9, Episode 10

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