The 13 Best Soccer Movies You Should Binge Right Now

Bend it like Beckham is definitely on the list

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Movies about any sport are difficult to make without being overly cliché or cheesy at some points. Of course, even if they’re either of those, if done in the right way, they can still be incredible. Even harder than making a movie about a sport like boxing is one about a team sport like soccer. Whether you choose to put the focus on the entire team in a more general sense or you shine a light on just a handful of players, it feels like you’re missing out.

With that being said, soccer has enough aspects to it than can be highlighted through film and as a result, some genuinely great pieces of cinema have been made centered around the sport. Below, you can check out an alphabetical list we compiled of the thirteen best soccer movies for your viewing pleasure.

1. ‘Bend It Like Beckham’

2. ‘Green Street’

3. ‘Escape To Victory’

4. ‘Fever Pitch’

5. ‘Goal! The Dream Begins’

6. ‘Looking For Eric’

7. ‘Mean Machine’

8. ‘Mike Bassett: England Manager’

9. ‘Offside’

10. ‘The Damned United’

11. ‘The Football Factory’

12. ‘The Game Of Their Lives’

13. ‘There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble’

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