The 10 Best Spin-Off Shows to Watch, Ranked

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So, you're wondering what the best spin-off shows on television are? Let's talk aboutt it!

Often, television show spin-offs can be a risk for a production team to take on, especially when the original show was so beloved when it first aired. A failed spin-off runs the risk of upsetting the day-one fans and the risk of appearing like a cash grab, leaving a bad taste in viewers' mouths. However, when a show is adorned during its prime, and then it is followed up by a successful spin-off – that right there is the jackpot. 

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These spin-offs beat the odds to become highly rated shows that got the thumbs up from their old and new fans.

Here are the best spin-off shows, ranked:

10. Maude

9. The Colbert Report

8. Star Trek: The Next Generation

7. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

6. The Jeffersons

5. Laverne and Shirley

4. House of the Dragon

3. Frasier

2. The Mandalorian

1. Better Call Saul

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