The 30 Best Suspense Movies on Netflix

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While a suspense movie can be hard to describe, the best thriller films manage to weave a compelling story, while still keeping their audiences continually guessing. Whether you’re watching a crime plot unfold before your eyes or a psychological thriller thrill you, suspense movies are the perfect way to spend a movie night in or out.

1. 'Uncut Gems'

2. 'See You Yesterday'

3. 'Zodiac'

4. 'Killing of a Sacred Deer'

5. 'Molly’s Game'

6. 'Drive'

7. 'Good Time'

8. 'Bird Box'

9. 'The Devil All The Time'

10. 'Nightcrawler'

11. 'Strange But True'

12. 'Taxi Driver

13. 'Fatal Affair'

14. 'I am Mother'

15. 'El Camino'

16. 'The Red Sea Diving Resort'

17. 'The Invitation'

18. 'Fractured'

19. 'November Criminals'

20. 'I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore'

21. 'The Hateful Eight'

22. 'Train To Busan'

23. 'The Platform'

24. 'Extraction'

25. 'Project Power'

26. 'Snowpiercer'

27. 'The Gift'

28. 'Velvet Buzzsaw'

29. 'In The Shadow Of The Moon'

30. 'I’m Thinking Of Ending Things'

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