The Best Way to Store Weed: A Beginner's Guide

Today, I’m going to show you the best way to store weed.

It can be all too easy to waste all your hard work by spoiling your cannabis with bad storage.

Imagine spending all those weeks and months with your plants—tending to them, keeping them healthy, drying and curing to perfection—only to ruin it all with a rookie storage mistake.

I won’t let this happen to you. 

This guide will show you exactly how to store your cannabis, keeping it fresh and smokeable for years.

But I won’t stop there. 

As a special bonus, I’ll show you how to store joints, gummies and candy, too.

Table of Contents:

  • Why is it important to store weed correctly?
  • The best way to store weed
  • The best way to store joints
  • Is it better to store weed in glass or plastic?
  • Should you freeze weed to keep it fresh?
  • The best way to store gummies/candy
  • Keeping cannabis fresh, potent and tasty

Why it's important to store weed correctly:

Your cured cannabis is, literally, a delicate flower that needs protecting.

It's important to make sure you're protecting your cannabis from adverse temperature and humidity, protecting from too much light, too much air, and from too much messing around.

All of these elements can negatively impact the quality, flavor, and potency of your buds.

By following the correct practices, you can store your cannabis for up to two years without it degrading.

And, like a fine wine, it will often taste even better over time.

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The best way to store weed:

Storing cannabis is all about cleanliness and control.

I don’t like dipping in and out of my jars all the time, and I certainly don’t want a bunch of different people sticking their fingers into my buds.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like sharing!

I like to keep the jars in a controlled, private environment. Ideally, I aim to store my jars somewhere I can leave them with as little stress as possible—for me AND for the buds.

These are the MAJOR things to consider when storing marijuana mid to long term:


While you don’t necessarily have to use a military-grade, airtight container, you should use something that seals well. 

Mason jars, or any sort of sealable glass jars, are perfect for storing cannabis. 

You can even buy jars with a UV-proof finish! This can prevent your bud from falling victim to the perils of potentially harmful UV rays.

Try to avoid ‘sweaty’ plastic tubs or bags, loose-lidded tins or anything you can’t clean properly.


Whether hot or cold, extreme temperatures can play havoc with your stored buds.

You should keep the temperature around 70°F for short term storage, but mid to long term needs to be cooler, around 55°F.

Avoid drastic swings in temperature. The surest way to degrade weed (even weed that's stored properly) is big temperature swings.


Excessive humidity can provide the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. 

If your flower is provided with too little humidity, your buds could dry out.

The ideal humidity level for storing weed is 59 - 63%; a hygrometer will help you keep this in check.

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UV light can be as damaging to your cannabis as it is to humans. 

Like a t-shirt fading in the sun, it can break down the terpenes and cannabinoids in your nugs.

To avoid these possible setbacks, remember to always store your cannabis in the dark!


Dirty storage containers can contain hidden germs that could contaminate your cannabis. 

This can have worse results than ruined cannabis, it can also affect your health.

Make sure your containers are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before you use them. 

Keep the storage area clean as well.


A mix of flavors may work well with food, but it’s not something you should aim for with your cannabis. 

In order to keep the taste and effects intact for each of your strains, ensure that you're keeping each cured cultivar in a separate container.

The same goes for when you’re replenishing your jars. 

Say you’ve just finished your tasty stash of Durban Poison. You’ll need to clean the jar thoroughly to remove the licorice aroma. 

Then later on, when you’re adding your fruity Jack Herer, you won’t drown the lemon and orange in aniseed from the Durban.

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Is it better to store weed in glass or plastic?

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While plastic and metal containers are okay for short-term storage, they’ll impact the aroma and taste of your buds when used for longer periods.

The static charges in plastic containers pull the trichomes to the sides, away from the buds, reducing the potency.

With this in mind, glass is always the best option when storing your cannabis buds for extended periods. Glass is also just a generally sturdier and more reliable material than plastic.

Should you refrigerate or freeze weed to keep it fresh?

This is an oddly common question but one I have a definite answer to: Never! 

While many believe the refrigerator or freezer meets the “dark and cool” requirements, they will soon destroy your cannabis.

The condensation in a refrigerator is very bad for marijuana, encouraging mold and mildew.

Likewise, storing it in a freezer will damage the structural integrity of your cannabis, turning it to mush.

You should never store your cannabis in the refrigerator or freezer. End of story.

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The best way to store joints:

Rolling a few joints ahead of time is a fantastic approach to saving time and effort, especially when you want a hit but aren’t in the mood to do anything. 

So how do you keep your joints fresh when you pre-roll them? Use whatever receptacles you already have lying around the house! Reusing is much better for the environment than recycling, and it saves a few bucks too.

Empty pill bottles:

These little treasures are designed to keep medication safe from moisture and damage. Why wouldn’t this apply to your homegrown meds, too?

Shorter tubs aren’t big enough to store a full-sized joint, but they’re perfect for half-smoked or single-skin doobs.

Not just for cigars:

Cigar tubes do a great job at keeping cigars fresh, why not let them do the same for your joints? 

The length allows you to store a full-sized joint, keeping it safe from potential damage and humidity.

The best part is that they’re great for transporting your doobies without squishing them in your pocket. Cigar tubes are far and away the most convenient storage container for your joints. If you don't have any lying around, you can always pick them up online or at your local dispensary.

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Zip-Lock bags:

When looking for an affordable way to store your joints, you could opt for a common kitchen staple: the Zip-Lock bag. 

As opposed to some of the other options on this list, there is something you have to watch out for with baggies. Remember to properly snuff your half-smoked doobie before placing it in your Zip-Lock, as it’d melt the bag otherwise.

Mason jars:

We know you’d typically associate a mason jar with storing dry buds, but they can keep your pre-rolled joints safe, too—especially if you’re rolling a large amount.

If you’re worried about moisture, slip in a few moisture-absorbing packs for extra protection.

The best way to store gummies and candy:

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Your cannabis sweet treats can last years, but they’ll still degrade under adverse conditions. 

Here are some essential tips for maintaining the quality, flavor, and potency of your cannabis gummies and candies:

Maintain a steady, cool temperature:

As with cannabis buds, light, air, and moisture can dramatically impact the quality of your gummies or candies—causing rapid degradation.

Unlike weed, however, the best place to store these sweet treats is in the refrigerator. 

Extreme heat can result in your candies or gummies melting or breaking down the desired compounds.

By storing your candies in the refrigerator, you can significantly extend their shelf-life.

Controlled light exposure:

The most significant elements involved in degrading cannabinoids are air, light, and heat. 

The worst thing you could do for your gummies is to store them out on your countertops. 

If you can’t use a refrigerator, use a cool, dark cupboard.

Keep pests away:

As you’d expect with any sweet products, you should also take measures to protect your treats from household pests like ants and flies. 

Your best plan of action is using a container that seals well, stored in a clean area with no trace of insects. 

Monitor humidity and moisture levels:

As with your buds and almost any other cannabis product, you should be vigilant about the humidity levels when storing. 

Higher moisture levels often result in mold and mildew forming on your gummies or candies. 

Taking these factors into account, the best method for storing your gummies or candies is in an airtight container in the fridge. 

The next best option is a cabinet that provides a cool, clean and dark environment.

Keeping cannabis fresh, potent and tasty:

When you’re ready to store your weed, remember these key components: use a well-sealed container and keep the storage space clean, dry, and dark. It’s all about cleanliness and control!

Remember that good storage practices mean that you’ll have long-lasting, quality cannabis and get your money’s worth.

Another crucial step in prolonging your buds’ shelf-life is to ensure that you follow the correct curing process. For expert advice on curing and how to get the most from your harvest, check out my Beginner’s Guides. You’ll find additional tips for every stage of cultivation, from seed to curing.

To improve your skills, collect vital data and learn from other growers, you can also start a Homegrown Diary. It’s a completely free platform open to everyone—I can’t wait to see you sign up.

See you in the grow room!

- Kyle Kushman

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