The 20 Best Wrestling Movies

These films fully encompass the highs and lows of professional wrestling

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The sports movie genre has been blessed to have a nice selection of quality picks worth watching. 

Basketball fanatics can look to White Men Can’t Jump plus Love and Basketball as bonafide classics. Baseball enthusiasts know that Bill Durham and Moneyball are required viewing. And devoted followers of the football scene look to Friday Night Lights and Remember the Titans as the finest films about their preferred sport. When wrestling fans are forced to look for standout flicks that represent their favorite form of sports entertainment, their options aren’t as plentiful as you’d think. Pure onscreen trash such as Ready to Rumble and No Holds Barred sadly exists and should only be watched for a decent chuckle and nothing more.

If you’re on the lookout for movies based on wrestling that don’t make you feel as if you’re wasting your precious time and energy, we’ve got you covered. The 20 films we compiled for this list do a great job of covering the wild world of professional wrestling in one of two ways – through a cinematic lens that features big-time actors and even real-world wrestlers or offering a documentary presentation on the sport’s standout personalities.

These films aren’t about the rise of an amateur wrestler looking to overcome their demons and notch a triumphant win in the end – they’re more about the pomp and circumstance that comes with delivering body slams, hot promos, and other crowd popping antics.

1. ‘Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling’

2. ‘The Wrestler’ (1974)

3. ‘Paradise Alley’

4. ‘Body Slam’

5. ‘Queens of the Ring’

6. ‘Below the Belt’

7. ‘Foul King’

8. ‘Nacho Libre’

9. ‘All the Marbles’

10. ‘Lipstick and Dynamite, Piss and Vinegar: The First Ladies of Wrestling’

11. ‘My Breakfast with Blassie’

12. ‘GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’

13. ‘The Resurrection of Jake the Snake’

14. ‘Fighting With My Family’

15. ‘Kayfabe: A Fake Real Movie About a Fake Real Sport’

16. ‘Beyond the Mat’

17. ‘Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows’

18. ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon’

19. ‘Andre the Giant’

20. ‘The Wrestler’ (2008)

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