‘Black Monday’ Is the New Show You Need to Be Watching

It's all about perfecting the art of the grind

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Black Monday stars some of Hollywood's most elite actors and actresses including Don Cheadle, Andrew Rannells and Regina Hall, portraying the grind of the 1980s at its best. From the music to the aesthetics, this series is a wild, wacky rollercoaster ride of the financial world's rock-n-roll party lifestyle. 

October 19th, 1987 aka "Black Monday", is a date that has become etched in financial history. On that day, the stock market experienced a sudden crash, which began in places like Hong Kong and spread like wildfire to Europe before eventually hitting the United States. The Dow Jones dropped 508 points and as a result, their market value fell to 22 percent, proving to have disastrous effects. Some have guessed that irrational decision making such as market psychology, program trading and fear of interest rates potentially being raised to an all-time high caused this epic meltdown. 

On Black Monday, we Meet Maurice Monroe (Don Cheadle), an erratic self-made investor who founded the Jammer Group, a company comprised of slept on investors passed up by a plethora of Wall Street powerhouses and who are willing to make a name of themselves by any means necessary.

"Mo"—as his friends and counterparts call him—is on a quest to lead his group of Wall Street investing bandits to the top one sell at a time. He parties like a rockstar, indulging in hard drugs while not properly taking advantage of the finer things (he has a limo driver driving his Lamborghini). In the middle of this, Mo believes he found his next big break in a new hiree by the name of Blair Praff (Andrew Rannells.) 

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Blair is a promising investor who has become the hottest upcoming investor to hire. A graduate from Wharton University, Praff developed an investing algorithmic program that companies are vying to get their hands on. On the verge of marrying his girlfriend, who is royalty to the Georgina Jeans apparel line, Mo realized that he needs to get Blair on his team after hearing insights about the downward potential of a stock he purchased from his rival into the Georgina Jeans apparel.

So, Mo decided to scare Blair into joining his company by framing him with the accusations of having drugs on the trading floor after Blair and Mo bumped into one another. Mo got the drugs from one of his employees as a birthday gift. Desperate to get a job and not let authority stop him, a young naive Blair didn't see this plan being installed from a mile away as he is desperate to show his girlfriend that he is the perfect man for her to marry. 

Beside every hustling man, there's a woman making sure the right deals are being secured.

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Enter Dawn Towner, played by Regina Hall. Towner can be considered as the alpha female of the floor. Highly educated, very wise and strategic, unlike her partner-in-crime Mo, Dawn is in the process of creating a new wave of women being the focal point of the investing business while overcoming the toxic trend of horny drug motivated male investors getting a step ahead of her. She has a mind frame of being one of the "boys," Dawn brings an edgy, witty component to the team that compliments Mo in his quest to become the biggest investor on Wall Street. It's safe to say that without Dawn's expertise, Mo would've had to look for a new career to get into.

The show has only just begun and it's already becoming a hilarious, nail-biting, suspenseful jar of money making greatness. 

From the nostalgic music that defined the 80s such as Don Henley's, "New York Minute" and Carly Simon's, "Let the River Run" to the interesting character growth, Black Monday opens the door for more stories about people that are on adventure to conquer their financial world one sale at a time. The show brings a complex theme to viewers' television screens that will make you appreciate the art of hustling whether it's in the corporate world or on the streets.

It's going to be interesting if we see some interesting plot twists being revealed between Dawn and Mo while we root for the young naive Blair. But overall, it's safe to say, Black Monday is the show every entrepreneur or person with a dream NEEDS to tune into to get a rush of how it is hustling as if your life depends on it. After all, everybody has a hustle to master. Black Monday can be the show to help you perfect your craft in its unorthodox, funny, controversial, witty and genius way.

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