The Future Is Here: Take a Look Inside the Eye-Catching BMW iX and i4

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So, you’re looking for a car that you can load up with luggage, groceries and kids, saves some money on gas, that will be comfortable for you and your passengers throughout long road trips, and that will look sleek and sophisticated while doing it all? Anything else? BMW hears you. 

The Summer On Sales Event happening right now is the perfect time to fall in love with the 100% electric BMW i4 and iX. These ultimate electric driving machines will change everything you thought you knew about the efficiencies and innovation of electric vehicles. Between their innovative interior and exterior features and overall dependability, these cars will have you wondering how it took you so long to finally make the switch to electric.

The BMW iX

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Intelligent Minimalism

These days, it's all about minimalism, meaning clutter and unnecessary features need to go. The iX interior is crafted to meet all your needs without taking up any unnecessary space, making it one of the most elegant, unbelievably sleek cars we've seen. The ultramodern curved display is not only elegant, but also user-friendly, while the open-pore wood finish and sleek glass controls combine for an interior that feels like a mini oasis, free from all the chaos outside.

It's not just looks, though. The iX has something called ShyTech, aka invisible intelligence. Exterior ShyTech features can include a kidney grille housing advanced sensors, cameras and radar technology, flush-fitted door handles with touch buttons, a rear-view camera integrated into the black ring of the BMW roundel, and a hidden filler under the front BMW roundel for windshield washer fluid. Interior ShyTech features include speakers hidden behind acoustic fabric, radiant heat in the dash and door panels, visually minimized buttons and controls, and touch-sensitive surfaces in the open-pore wood.

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Exceptional Cargo Space

If you’re frustrated with playing the game of “Tetris” trying to figure out how to fit everything into your trunk, the iX is here to help. Its spacious tailgate has all the room you need to load up for a trip without breaking a sweat. 

BMW SSE iX 38A5026 R3

Super-Fast Charging

Electric cars, while all the rage, must be charged like any piece of technology. When you have a million errands to run and work to get done, the last thing you want is to have to sit and wait for your car. The iX’s efficient ability to charge at record speeds will maximize your productivity. For example: DC Fast Charging can get you up to 90 miles range in just 10 minutes.

Want to learn more and finally take the electric plunge? Head over to BMW's website to see your available Summer On Sales Event offers right now.


The BMW i4

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Versatile Enough for the Busiest Lifestyle

The BMW i4 is an electric sports car with all the bells and whistles. Its dependability and spaciousness make it the perfect choice for families or someone who's constantly on the move. With a dynamic body, cutting-edge technology and sleek exterior, it is one of the most eye-catching cars on the road. Basically, it's a match made in heaven if you're looking for everyday versatility and a whole lot of luxury.

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Cutting-Edge Technology, aka iDrive 8

The i4 comes equipped with iDrive 8, which has all the futuristic capabilities you could ever dream of, without a complicated or distracting display. The display is actually curved, making it easy to quickly see all the controls, and the on-screen touch support adjusts to your needs. Of course, the voice-controlled assistant handles any commands you throw its way. Plus, with remote software upgrades and available 5G connectivity, you're never not up to date.