7 Accessories to Elevate Your Weed Game

Green is the new black

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Gone are the days of white rolling papers from a convenience store and $1 lighters from your nearby grocery. With legalization on the rise, cannabis’ look is taking a turn toward luxurious and aesthetically-pleasing. Think gentrification, but instead of tea shops and yoga studios, you get expensive bongs and pricey rolling trays. Here are seven cannabis accessories we think would look great on your coffee table.

1. Slide Lighter by Tetra

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This compact, fuel-free lighter comes in four colors: blue, black, warm gold and iridescent. It’s rechargeable and includes a USB charger for on-the-go power. With the slide of a finger, the lighter heats up instantly, so say goodbye to the constant flicking to light a traditional lighter or match.


2. 24K Gold Rolling Papers by Shine

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Why use regular white rolling papers when you can roll your favorite strain in gold? This combination of edible gold and hemp blend offers smokers a smooth burn and an unintentional (or intentional) light flex. All your friends will want their own.


3. Table Top Lighter by Edie Parker Flower

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Edie Parker Flower

This green tie-dye tabletop lighter by Edie Parker is the perfect weed accessory for cannabis lovers with an eye for design. The designer handbag company recently released its Flower collection with luxury products ranging from stash jars to vape sleeves. This handmade tabletop lighter also comes with its own matching ashtray nestled inside.


4. Stainless Steel Rolling Tray by HAY

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A cute rolling tray can go a long way. This stainless steel tray from HAY is available in gold, silver and rainbow and sizes small and large. Sleek and simple, this piece will add a luxurious vibe to your cannabis experience for an affordable price.


5. Vaporizer by PAX

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Not only is cannabis becoming luxurious and aesthetically-pleasing, but it’s also becoming smart and efficient. The PAX vaporizer comes in three different versions, PAX Era, PAX 2 and PAX 3. With more than 60 temperature settings and 8-10 sessions per charge, this vaporizer can customize to anyone's individual experience. Users can enjoy dry herb usage or easily switch to concentrate. It’s everything a cannabis enthusiast needs in one vape. 


6. Metra Box by Tetra

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The Metra box by Concrete Cat is sleek and elegant. Made from concrete, you’d think the piece is extremely heavy, but it’s lightweight structure and spacious center makes it perfect for storing smoking material. There’s a concave indentation on its lid, perfect for packing and rolling, burning incense cones, or storing small miscellaneous items.


7. Gold Weed Leaf Ashtray by SimplySpacey on Etsy

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This gold weed leaf ashtray from Etsy is one of a kind. No one in your posse will have anything close to an ashtray like this. Made from dried flowers, resin, glitter and cannabis leaf bits, the piece is made to order and customizable based on buyers' preferences.

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