Introducing 'Cannabis State of the Union', a New Podcast Series from ONE37pm


In the world of Cannabis, like many aspects of popular culture, news tends to move at a mile a minute. It's legalized here; it's still illegal here, and so on. Given that sort of news tends to be the norm, it can be hard to track where the cannabis industry is going and how far it has come.

ONE37pm presents Cannabis State of the Union; a three-part podcast series focused on the "past, present, and future of the cannabis community as it evolves into an industry."

Hosted by the cannabis branding expert and co-founder of the Green Street house of brans, Rama Mayo, Cannabis State of the Union will feature discussions and in-depth examinations about one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States.

Joining Rama will be some of the biggest names in the Cannabis industry, including entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk; founder of the Originals, Brandon Melendez; rappers The Game and Juicy J, Shavo Odadjian from System of a Down; as well as Dr. Dina, one of the leading advocates for medical marijuana.

Even if Cannabis isn't your thing, this podcast is a must-listen for entrepreneurs and anyone wanting an inside look at how an industry grows and develops.

The first episode of Cannabis State of the Union drops on Tuesday, June 8th and you're not going to want to miss this one. Make sure to subscribe to the show on Apple Music and Spotify, so you don't miss a single episode.

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