Here's Why You Should Be Playing Netflix's Interactive Game "Cat Burglar"

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Apparently, knowing random facts about Tom Cruise can be extremely useful when robbing a museum.

While artistically this show could fit right into the cartoons lineup of the 1960s, Cat Burglar is a futuristic take on the classic medium, as it's part of Netflix's newer "Interactive" genre. Made by the creators of Black Mirror who brought us Bandersnatch, another interactive Netflix show, this cartoon is much shorter—around 15 minutes in length—and acts more so as a game than a choose-your-own-adventure.

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As it's brought inside and locked behind the museum's doors, Rowdy has to figure out a way to get onto the museum grounds, though a massive brick wall is blocking his path. With that, we've hit a bit of an impasse, so we're given our first set of trivia questions. If answered correctly, Rowdy makes it over the wall and tries to figure out his next plan of action.

After shutting off the museum's security system, Rowdy can head into the museum, but not before catching the attention of Peanut, who finally comes face to face with Rowdy while inside. The rest of the show follows the two of them as they chase after each other, running through different exhibits and encountering multiple trivia questions along the way.

As for the questions themselves, they vary with their difficulty levels, but not in the sense that they get progressively more challenging—they're pretty random. Rowdy loses a life when you answer one or more of the questions incorrectly, and you're brought back to your last checkpoint. If you end up losing all three of your lives, you have to start over, but with over an hour and a half of additional animation, the story changes the next time you play.

As a whole, Cat Burglar is a well-done throwback to ye olde days of Saturday morning cartoons. Though it seems like it's geared towards kids (it's technically designated under "Adult Animation"), it was a decently entertaining intermission to the day. Fast-paced, the trivia questions actually make you think twice about your answer, as they weren't particularly easy. The plot and slapstick comedy are what you'd want for a show like this; in that sense, it's exactly as advertised. And come on, who doesn't love a good burgling?

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