The Next Best Thing to Game Day Wings? Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo Wants the Title

It's football playoff season, which means game day parties, of course. But it also means a chance to bond with your fellow fans over mutual interests—namely, game day food. (And oh yeah, the actual football part is cool too.) But c’mon, we all know we’re here for the real star of the show…buffalo wings.

Here’s the thing: In all likelihood, your local go-to spot for wings is already in full pandemonium. So, can you imagine what the wings quota will be once the big game rolls around?! If you’ve ever waited an hour just to receive an update that “Your Order Has Been Canceled,” or your friends polished off every drumstick and flat before you had a morsel, you’ll understand just how serious this is. Certainly, you do not want to run the risk of presenting a game day spread without a buffalo snack. (Obviously, eliminating buffalo altogether is not an option.)

Instead you’ll want to have the next best thing to buffalo wings on deck. Behold: Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo. The innovative snack, not unlike wings, offers the perfect balance of heat and tang, with the addition of a crunch and buffalo cheddar flavor.

Um, are we mistaken? Or did we just describe the perfect game day snack? And definitely the second-best buffalo thing. (Although after taste-testing them, they might even take the title outright—sorry, wings.) Either way, let Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo be the hero you deserve!