Chop It Up: How Beyond Meat Got A Big Cut of a Trillion Dollar Market

Plant-based meat is out in full force.

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Chop It Up is ONE37pm’s weekly web series where hosts Brandon Bryant and John Henry examine business and culture through an entrepreneurial lens. You can catch new episodes of Chop It Up every Wednesday at 3 p.m. on ONE37pm’s YouTube channel.

This episode of #ChopItUp is all about DISRUPTION. Brandon Bryant and John Henry kick things off by laying out why big media companies are losing to independent content creators.

The real "meat" of this episode is the guys breaking down Beyond Meat's insane IPO and how the company with a plant-based purpose is carving out space in a trillion dollar meat market. Finally, Brandon and John get into the role that data played in Rent The Runway becoming a billion dollar business and get into why the future of retail will be experiential.

#ChopItUp breaks down business and culture through the lens of entrepreneurship. From million dollar deals to flipping kicks on Stock X—we are here to help you find success at YOUR hustle, whatever that may be.

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