This Is the Easiest Way to Get a College Degree Without Debt


Chop It Up is ONE37pm’s weekly web series where hosts Brandon Bryant and John Henry examine business and culture through an entrepreneurial lens. You can catch new episodes of Chop It Up every Wednesday at 3 p.m. on ONE37pm’s YouTube channel.

In this week’s episode of Chop It Up, Brandon and John Henry tell you how to turn the bad housing market into a huge investment opportunity. Then, the guys discuss why a rising minimum wage shouldn’t stop you from finding other sources of income. Finally, Brandon and John explain how Income Sharing Agreements can help you get a college degree debt-free.

John Henry stresses that: “Income inequality is a hot topic right now and will likely be a major point in the 2020 election. What this means is that banks are making a lot of money, optimistic about the 2019 economy and the good guys are giving that back to their employees."

Finally, the guys discuss a new financial tool to help college students pay off their debt in a more manageable way. It’s called an Income Sharing Agreement (ISA). And it's for when you need to take out money for a student loan, but instead of being on the hook for the capital no matter what, with an ISA people pay off the loan as a percentage of their salary.

Would you take out an ISA as a means to pay off your school?

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