Here’s Why You Should Be Wary When a Big Company IPOs

Spoiler Alert: you probably won’t become super rich

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Chop It Up is ONE37pm’s weekly web series where hosts Brandon Bryant and John Henry examine business and culture through an entrepreneurial lens. You can catch new episodes of Chop It Up every Wednesday at 3 p.m. on ONE37pm’s YouTube channel.

On this week's episode of #ChopItUp, Brandon and John Henry talk everything IPO. There’s a lot of hype around IPO season and the dynamic duo want to let you know why buying early shares could be hazardous for everyday investors.

But first, the guys fill you in on the details behind Cheddar’s acquisition, how they arrived at their $200 million price tag, and what it means for the media landscape at large.

Then, Brandon and John get into why podcasts are so important to Spotify’s future before dishing out some advice to a wannabe franchise. “Spotify has 100 Million premium users—paying an average of $5.27 per month. The free service has around 117 million. However, they pay around 70% of this revenue to record labels and artists for the use of their music. The answer may live with podcasts.”

Do you listen to podcasts on Spotify?

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