College Athletes Drop Some Spicy Sports Takes with Campbell’s Chunky Spicy Soup

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There’s nothing that hits quite like a nice, warm bowl of soup. (We happen to think it’s one of the most comforting, satisfying and delicious things you can eat—don’t @ us.) And whether you just moved into college or moved out of the house, our soup of choice—Campbell’s® Chunky® Soup—has always been there when you need a pick-me-up.  

With fall upon us, not only are we even more in need of something to keep us warm, we’re also celebrating a new sports season. That’s why we asked some of the best college athletes in the country to give us their spiciest takes while enjoying one of the new spicy soups from Campbell’s® Chunky®. This new line from Campbell’s is seriously spicing up traditional comfort food classics, which means taking flavors you know and love—think: Steak & Potato, Chicken Noodle and Chicken & Sausage—and kicking them up a notch (or ten) with even bolder ingredients.

These equally bold college athletes are at the top of their respective games and their spicy takes give us a glimpse at how they got there: talent, a lot of discipline and plenty of hearty meals. Athletes including Mycah Pittman, Deja Kelly, Zia Cooke, Daton Fix, the Cavinder Sisters, Leanne Wong, Tommy White and Matthew Boling couldn’t wait to share their most unapologetic opinions with us, some of which you might find surprising. Check out a few below:

UNC hooper Deja Kelly is a phenom on the court, racking up a whopping 16.5 PPG in her 2021-2022 season. Never one to shy away from sharing a hot take or two on social media, she took this opportunity to diss naps (which a lot of hoopers swear by) and go over some of her pre-game rituals, which range from the orthodox to the nontraditional. Her socials are rife with on-court clips, dancing and a variation of content that’s led to her establishing a huge following—in and outside of her athletics.

University of Miami basketball twins Hanna and Haley Cavinder aren’t just phenoms on the court, they’ve also risen to fame thanks to their social media account full of jokes, dances and dating woes. (Superstar athletes, they’re just like us.)

The twins’ spiciest take? They prefer leg day over arm day—yes, really. But they disagreed on whether night games or day games are better to hoop in. Who do you agree with?

Florida State wide receiver Mycah Pittman is the son of former NFL running back Michael Pittman Sr. and brother to current Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. He did not come to play, giving a spicy take that was so hot, it wouldn’t register on the Scoville scale. He plans to play on the same team as his bro ASAP. Hey, although siblings on the same NFL team is a rare sight, it wouldn’t be the first time. We’re rooting for you Mycah, although we’re not so sure about the cats over dogs thing.

Oklahoma State wrestling phenom Daton Fix revealed some of his hot takes while refueling after a workout. Daton is a two-time US World Team Member and took gold at the 2022 Pan American Championships, not to mention he has a slew of other awards and accolades under his belt. Remarkably, loud pump-up music before a match is not his thing. We wonder if he cues up some classical music instead...

Want to share your own spicy takes? Comment on their vids to start a convo and spice up your own lunchtime routine with one of Chunky’s new delicious spicy soups this season. Learn more about the entire lineup here.