This Week in Comic Collecting: Let There Be Carnage

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This week was another big one in the comic market as prices continue to skyrocket. We saw huge movement from the two different Image Comics series and the Venom 2 trailer being the talk of the comic community. This week I will look at all three of those properties and spotlight one of the key tools of the trade.

Let There Be Carnage

Image Comic's Jupiter's Legacy Debuts at #1 on Netflix

Regina King To Direct Bitter Root from Image Comics

Tools of The Trade

I think it is important to not just talk about the books themselves but also to talk about the process and the tools used to reap maximum returns on those investments.

One question I get from new people looking to enter into the world of collecting and investing in comics is that of  “Where do they begin? And How do I learn it all? I always say you don't need to know it all and start with something you love. But as you move along your comic book journey, there are tools on the market to aid you in research quickly and efficiently.  One such tool is the Key Collector  App. While some content is free upon download, others are behind a paywall.  I can attest that the $2 a month it costs to purchase the app pays for itself as soon as you use it. It is my most used app on my phone.

The Key Collector App is the premiere comic book app on the market, identifying and databasing thousands of Key Issues in an easily searchable fashion.  No matter how experienced a comic buyer you are, most of us still use the App when digging in long boxes looking for hidden gems and Key Issues. The app is the brain child of owner Nick Coglianese, who has become part tech developer / part content provider.  Nick told me he felt like everyone could relate to digging through a box of books and striking out only to see someone else hit it big.  He wanted to give the collector an edge.  From that notion, the Key Collector App was born.

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