This Week in Comic Trading: Invincible, Comics Vault Live and More

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My name is Jack DeMayo, but in the comics market I am known as "aka Mr. Bolo" because I am always trying to let you know what to be on the lookout for. I hope you jumped on some of last week's Falcon and Winter Soldier spec as most of it has seen significant gains within the last week. We won't stop there as this week I bring you an Amazon Prime animated series play, a look at the hottest exclusive variant drops in indie comics, an NFT update and I introduce you to Canto, a piece of comics IP with a chance of being the next universally loved kids character. 


Noble Causes: Family Secrets #3 Variant

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Noble Causes

This book features the cameo and 1st Cover appearance of Invincible ahead of debuting his own series. This is a tough to find book that can run $50-150 raw with very few graded copies on the market. 

Invincible #5

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Invincible #5

The 1st full appearance of Allen the Alien (Voiced by Seth Rogen) is not only a fan favorite character, but will be voiced by a major fan favorite actor. This is a really tough 9.8 and is sitting at about $850. Lower grade (9.2-9.6) plays may be a more approachable play. 

Others of Note:

Britt #1 (Cecil Stedman - Walton Goggins), Invincible #2 ( Cameo Allen The Alien - Seth Rogen, 1st Full Atom Eve-Gilian Jacobs), Invincible #4 (Amber Bennett - Zazie Beats) Invincible #7 (1st Guardians of the Globe Team Appearance)

Comics Vault Live

DC Comics

Just like a good investor who is ready as soon as the CVL livestream drops, I was up at 3am EST to watch DC Comics "Snyder Cut" of The Justice League, ready to "Make a Play" as the Card Talk Pod guys like to say. I think DC Comics right now provides some of the greatest ROI opportunities. While Marvel prices have skyrocketed in the face of MCU success, DC has been the victim of releases that have fallen flat. If DC can get things going in the right direction, a lot of blue chip silver and bronze age, as well as modern keys, are sure to rise. I have a lot of faith in James Gunn and The Rock entering the DCEU as well as the hype surrounding The Snyder Cut of Justice League. 

DC Comics NFT Memo to Artists

One of the most talked about topics this week was an IGN article that discussed DC Comics reported Memo (included in the article) telling artists they are not to use DC IP for NFT sales. This was inevitable as DC is certainly looking to go heavy in that space. 

On the flip side, they are already involved in the space to a degree with Veve. DC also made headlines this week when deceased legendary artist Darwyn Cook's widow requested DC stop selling tokens of her late husband's art on the platform. 

This is going to be an interesting space to watch as so much is up in the air as far as litigation and ownership of IP is concerned. 


this week in comics 3 0001 Canto01 CVRA 2

Canto is a book I have advocated for as an investment ever since I saw the preview for it. This all ages tale seemed perfect for an animated feature in the Pixar vein.  The comic was printed at an incredibly low rate in comparison to modern comics and #1 almost immediately found success for flippers. 

The incredible story by David Booher and stunning world drawn by Drew Zucker sucked in reader after reader until the Canto faithful was strong and vocal. This past week saw news that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's Westbrook Studios had picked up the option for a Canto film with Booher writing and both David and Drew executive producing. This has sent this rare book soaring, with 1st print CGC 9.8's hitting $1200 plus. That is almost 2.5x what it was going for just weeks ago. There are late prints and rare variants, but for me it's Cover A, as the Zucker art truly defines the character and story. I am in Hold mode and am not moving off of my copies. In fact, I am more likely to be in buy mode if prices drop while the film is in production. 

Next Week In The Comic Market

Join me next week when we talk about James Tynion and the dominant 2020 he had creating the hottest new big 2 character in Punchline, one of the hottest new optioned series in Department of Truth and a comic book phenomenon in Something is Killing The Children. 

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