The 24 Best 'Dragon Ball' Movies, Ranked

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Every anime worth its salt has delved into the act of putting forth longer standalone stories contained within movies. And in the case of the series all about Super Saiyans and Senzu Beans, fans constantly debate about the very best Dragon Ball movies.

The world of Dragon Ball has done just that and introduced a collection of lesser-known and immensely popular baddies that have come to blows with the "Z-Fighters." Goku and his whole squad of super-powered allies have been involved in so many side adventures that have put their lives, the people of Planet Earth, and even other realms' populations at stake. And through those adventures, fans have been treated to some shockingly amazing films (and some pretty terrible or wholly mediocre ones as well).

I consider myself a pretty avid follower of the Dragon Ball universe who's done the tough task of sitting through each and every film put forth by Akira Toriyama's multimedia darling. Here is each and every Dragon Ball movie ranked by yours truly.

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24. ‘A Hero's Legacy’

23. ‘Bio-Broly’

22. ‘Broly – Second Coming’

21. ‘Lord Slug’

20. ‘Curse of the Blood Rubies’

19. ‘Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle’

18. ‘Mystical Adventure’

17. ‘The World’s Strongest’

16. ‘The Tree of Might’

15. ‘The Dead Zone’

14. ‘Super Android 13!’

13. ‘The Path to Power’

12. ‘Battle of Gods’

11. ‘Wrath of the Dragon’

10. ‘Bardock – The Father of Goku’

9. ‘Cooler’s Revenge’

8. ‘The Return of Cooler’

7. ‘The History of Trunks’

6. ‘Bojack Unbound’

5. 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero'

4. ‘Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan’

3. ‘Resurrection ‘F’’

2. ‘Fusion Reborn’

1. ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’

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