Go ‘Down the Hatch’ with Barry Flavors and Milk’s Favorite Cookie

“They just smell like maple and Vermont and, like, the wind.”

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You might be saying, “Barry, what’s up with the milk?” Well, on this episode of Down the Hatch with Barry Flavors, the flavor master takes on the most successful selling snack of all time—the Oreo. Over 7.5 billion Oreos are consumed every year, and Nabisco has been churning out milk’s favorite cookie since 1912. Whether you prefer a Double Stuf or a classic, there's an Oreo flavor for everyone. And in this episode, Barry puts some of the wackier flavors to the test.

He starts the episode with Nabisco’s play on a classic dessert, the carrot cake. Barry praises the Carrot Cake Oreos for their realistic flavor replication, but his distaste for the cookie certainly impacts his review: “It’s a cake made of vegetables. What kid wants to fuck with that?”

The flavor king then dives into something a little more indulgent, the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreo. And despite his many feelings regarding the term pie’s malleability as a term (“anything could be pie, and pie, at the same time, is also everything”), these cookies also go swiftly down the hatch. He follows the pie-Oreo creation with Oreo’s Baskin Robbins collab: the Mint Chocolate Chip Oreo. Barry has some polarizing opinions on mint chip ice cream, so you’ll have to check out the episode to see where he stands.

Mr. Flavors then tastes a Maple Creme Oreo (“I like the golden cookie”), and gives it a classic Down the Hatch style review: “They just smell like maple and Vermont and, like, the wind.” The next Oreo on the plate is the Mega Stuf, but he ultimately rejects this taste test (a DTH first). You’ll have to watch the clip to find out why the taste aficionado decides that Mega Stuf Oreos will not go down the hatch.

Barry closes the episode with the mystery-flavor Oreo, a welcome challenge for a self-proclaimed flavor master. “Who better to identify this flavor than the flavor guru himself? I might have the only palate on Earth who can solve the caper.” To find out what he guesses, check out Barry in all his splendor at the link above.

If you loved this episode and want to watch Barry try more tasty treats, make sure to check out last week’s episode, when he took on John Brown Smokehouse.

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