Hannah Berner Chops It Up Over Burgers On the First Episode of 'Eatables'


ONE37pm's latest series is debuting today, featuring stand-up comedian Hannah Berner and host Nema Vand chopping it up over three of their favorite burgers in the city. Eatables is part food show, part talk show; over the course of 10 minutes and change, the duo dives into the taste and design of a couple of burgers, all while tackling elements of Berner's exploding career. Traditional talk shows are stale, so adding a flair of taste-testing in there just keeps the viewers coming back.

Hannah Berner wears many hats. Although she's recently risen to prominence as one of the most beloved comedians on the NYC circuit (with social followings to match), she's a former nationally ranked tennis player and star of Bravo's Summer House, in addition to hosting her own podcast. In short, they've got a lot to talk about.

Nema and Hannah try three burgers throughout the episode: The MrBeast Burger, Shake Shack's sandwich and P. J. Clarke's legendary iteration. The format is simple. Nema and Hannah talk about, essentially, everything, all while diving into a few signature burgers. However, there are also a few mystery sauces on the table, so the threat of an overheating tongue is ever present. "It's going to be a trust-building exercise," Nema jokes to calm Berner's nerves regarding the insidious sauces.

They spend a bit of the episode discussing the similarities between tennis and stand-up (there are more than you'd think), pickle-back shots (if you know, you kn0w) and even some Kendall Jenner gossip. Ultimately, Nema and Hannah could talk about anything all day and it would make pretty good content. Add in the burger reviews, mystery sauces and flame-riddled set design and you've got yourself a slam dunk.

Eatables Episode 1 is live now. Watch the whole thing for all the tasty bits of info (and burgers) and make sure to keep up with ONE37pm's social channels as there is much, much more to come.

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