Everyone on TikTok Is Watching BMW's Latest Action Short Film: 'THE CALM'

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TikTok: @janell.roberts / @thewatchedlist / @lexiluxury

The Venn diagram of people who love action movies and who are infatuated with luxury vehicles could get pretty close to a singular circle. There's nothing quite like a full-throttle car chase scene that doubles as an homage to a beautiful automobile. If you find yourself in either of the above buckets (or both), we've got just the flick for you. Introducing THE CALM, an instant TikTok favorite and the latest installment of the BMW Films series featuring the iconic BMW i7 M70.

But don't just take our word for it. Check out what these TikTokers have to say about the movie—from the minds of executive producer Joseph Kosinski and director Sam Hargrave—for themselves.

"A car as luxurious as this can make you feel like you're a spy in a movie."

"Fight scenes don't get much better than 'THE CALM.'"

"Uma Thurman, what are you doing here?"

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