Facebook Says It Will Run on 100 Percent Renewable Energy by 2020

facebook renewable energy mobile
Getty/Mad Men/ONE37pm illustration

In two years, Facebook plans to have their company run on 100 percent renewable energy. As of now, they're at 51 percent.

In the tech landscape, Facebook is actually a little behind their closest competitors in renewable energy—Google has been 100 percent renewable since 2017 and Apple hit the milestone this year. But Facebook is taking the challenge seriously… In 2018, they're projected to be one of the biggest buyers of renewable energy in the world, according to the Business Renewable Center.

And Facebook's attempts at going renewable don't just help the company—by buying large sums of renewable energy, they also open those sources (like wind farms) for smaller businesses to use as well, according to Fast Company. So the more Facebook uses clean energy, the more other business do, too. Just another way tech is leading the race to change the world.

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