The Top 10 Fastest Declining Cards of 2021

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It’s really fun to look at the top card gainers for the hobby in 2021, but the explosive growth didn’t come without some serious dips. This list looks at the top-10 fastest declining sports cards of 2021 that are in graded condition with a minimum value of $250. 

Some of the losses on these cards are a good reminder to be thoughtful about your card purchases. This list is dominated by basketball and includes veterans with accomplished careers. Each card on this list has lost at least 83% of its value in a 12-month period. 

Let’s dive in! 

1. Zion Williamson 2019 Mosaic Gold Wave #209 PSA 10 (-90.65%)

zion 1

At the top of our list of fastest declining sports cards this year, we have a pop 46 Zion Williamson Mosaic Gold Wave PSA 10 that hit the market in January and sold for $9,100. 

The card last sold for $1,100 in November, losing over 90% of its value in less than 12 months ($8,000). 

Williamson is currently out for 4–6 weeks due to a foot injury and it appears that the young star is not fully committed to his team and his recovery. 

2. Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson 1997 Panini WWF Superstars Stickers PSA 9 (-90.49%)

rock 9

Dwayne Johnson is not only one of the most popular movie stars in the world, but he’s also one of the most likeable. His 1997 Panini WWF Superstars Sticker has a pop of 49 in a PSA 9 grade. 

The card last sold for $255 in October but sold for $4,000 in February. Twice. 

That represents a loss of $3,745 or 90.49% of its value. 

3. Magic Johnson 1981 Topps West Super Action #109 PSA 10 (-90.08%)


In February of this year, the pop 40 1981 Magic Johnson West Super Action PSA 10 sold for $30,000. 

1 month later and the card plummeted to $8,000. 

It last sold in December for $3,000 for a $27,000 loss of value (90%). The vintage and veteran card craze earlier this year sent a lot of cards like this one to high valuations that have continued to consistently decline in value since those peak prices. 

4. Kobe Bryant 1996 Finest Gold Base (w/o Coating) #269 BGS 9.5 (-88.28%)

kobe finest gold

A lot of cards that appear on this list are ones that sold for significant prices in February and March. Bryant’s cards show up quite often, with this pop 81 1996 Finest Gold Base last selling for $2,027 in December. 

In January of this year, the card sold for $17,000, representing an 88% loss of value to the tune of about $15,000. 

5. Blake Griffin 2009 Topps Chrome Refractor /999 BGS 9.5 (-87.64%)


Blake Griffin is a former Rookie of the Year who’s been named an All-Star six out of his twelve playing seasons and has averaged 20 points and 8 rebounds throughout his career. 

Griffin’s Topps Chrome rookie refractor has 66 copies in a BGS 9.5 and has lost over 87% of its value this year. 

In March, a copy of this card sold for $2,400, but last sold in July for $410. 

6. Kobe Bryant 1996 Finest Bronze Refractor (w/ Coating) PSA 8 (-86.3%)

finest w coating

There are 118 copies of this 1996 Kobe Bryant Finest Refractor w/ Coating in a PSA 8 grade and one copy sold for $14,800 in February of this year. 

On December 12th, a copy of this card sold for just $2,050, a loss of over $12,000 since the beginning of the year. 

7. Kobe Bryant 1999 Finest Refractor (w/o Coating) #64 PSA 10 (-85%)

kobe finest 10

There are just 18 copies of this Kobe Bryant later-year (1999( Finest in a PSA 10 grade and two copies sold for $3,000 in February of this year. 

In November, the card sold for $466, losing 85% of its value (~$2,500) in just 9 months. 

8. Kobe Bryant 1996 Flair Showcase Row 1 Legacy Collection /150 #31 BGS 9 (-84.12%)

kobe flair

It’s clear that Bryant’s cards have taken a hit this year after hitting record highs and this BGS 9 Flair Showcase is the worst of them all in terms of dollars lost. 

In January, this card sold for $61,200 before dropping to $12,300 in its last sale this June. That’s nearly a $50,000 drop in value over a span of 6 months. 

9. Tim Duncan 1997 Topps Finest Debuts Bronze Refractor (w/ Coating) PSA 10 (-83.9%)


The Finest set continually shows up on this list and this time it's for Tim Duncan, who was ranked the 8th best NBA player of All-Time by ESPN. 

In April of this year, Duncan’s pop 76 Finest rookie in a PSA 10 grade sold for $7,000. 

It has since lost nearly 84% of its value, last selling for $1,250 in October for a loss of $5,750. 

10. Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson 1997 Panini WWF Superstars Stickers PSA 10 (-83.25%)


There are only 7 copies of The Rock’s 1997 WWF Superstars Stickers in a PSA 10 grade and there have been 7 sales of the card in the past year. 

The PSA 10 card didn’t lose quite as much percentage value as its PSA 9 counterpart, but it lost $29,000 in value from April to October. 

The card hit a high price of $34,440 in April before dropping to its last sale value of $3,929. 

However, the card has gained some value in recent months, after selling for $3,055 on 7/26, then hitting $5,000 on 7/31 before settling back down to $3,929. 

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