G-Eazy, Isaac Muwaswes and Gabe Garcia Team Up on FlowerShop* Wellness Brand

The conceptual wellness brand provides “sensory care” through cannabis and more.

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Rapper G-Eazy, Isaac Muwaswes and Gabe Garcia are teaming up to launch their new cannabis and wellness line FlowerShop*, a first of its kind minority-owned brand targeting sensory care driven and wellness products. Working with Halo Labs, Inc., the company will offer a dedicated line of items that tackle self-care in a natural way that helps to promote positive moods and wellness for all five senses, while strategizing innovative product and marketing approaches both online, and through their on-site locations in Los Angeles. FlowerShop* operates with the mission to help the world ‘Feel Better’ through their exclusive products, which will be easy to purchase through their direct-to-consumer website.

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FlowerShop* officially released earlier in May; co-founders Isaac Muwaswes and Gabriel Garcia have been hard at work alongside G-Eazy to bring forth this collaboration, with the focus on flowers as a universally agreed upon expression of love, happiness, and comfort, whereas cannabis offers healing and relaxation. Their first release, entitled BOUQUETPACK, is a beautifully designed pack of 4-glass-tip Flower Joints that consists of Super Lemon Haze, Willies Kush, and Purple Double Deja Vu strains in a collaboration with Panacea Farms. FlowerShop* will also debut a selection of mood-inspiring home and lifestyle products, one of which will be an incense hand-made from Japan. 

In the brand’s press release, Muwaswes spoke about the inception of the brand and how the collaboration came about: “Gabriel, Gerald, and I have known each other since the inception of The Brooklyn Circus SF and we’re always looking for new spaces that we can express our creativity. It is important to make our creations meaningful with significant impact on improving the quality of life, so it was instinctual to start a wellness company that also offers cannabis products. The name FlowerShop* started as an ode to local flower vendors across the world helping people Feel BetterTM —but also reflected our own personal journey with cannabis, as well as flowers being a key ingredient for inspiring mood, from their color and fragrance, to their cultural significance. We’re really excited for what’s in store in the coming months.”

G-Eazy went on to emphasize the importance of wellness and health in cultivating the brand’s ethos: “Health and wellness are essential and flowers can be an important component to contributing to someone’s well-being, even cannabis flower [...] The process of creating an approach to wellness, quality of life and a certain sensory experience through things like candles + incense to comfortable clothing or flowers is meaningful to improving the comfort of living healthy. I’m really excited to be part of something that’s going inspire people’s senses and help you Feel BetterTM.”

This is only the beginning for FlowerShop*, as the brand has plans to evolve in the coming months. At the moment, the BOUQUETPACK is available for online purchase, with a home delivery service in the San Francisco Bay Area that will soon expand to all regions of California.

You can purchase their products and follow their journey at @fromflowershop.

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