This Weekend, We Kicked Off the Gallery Beach House: A New Kind of Creator House

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Allow us to introduce you to the Gallery Beach House—the new, 2023 update of the creator houses of yore. The property, situated in beautiful East Hampton, is the next step in the evolution of influencers; a destination for movers, shakers and tastemakers from every facet of content creation.

Over the course of the month, we have some amazing talent coming through the spacious estate for a wide range of activations, from a pickleball tournament to workout classes, curated dining experiences and more.

What Is the Gallery Beach House?

Zach Nelson / ONE37pm

Intended as a hub for a wide array of creators, celebrities and trendsetters, the Gallery Beach House is an oasis of brand activations, relaxation and fitness opportunities during the month of August. Think: fresh Padel courts, a cold-plunge bath, sauna, SharkNinja grill, movie nights and bonfires for all sorts of summer fun.

There's also a roster of BMWs at the house—the XM3 and i7—primed for guests to travel to other Hamptons hot spots in style.

Throughout the month, Nick Dio, VP of Core Relationships for GaryVee, will be posted up and hanging out with the myriad guests who stop by. So far, the king of running content, Matt Choi, has already come through, making him the first of many who'll call GBH their home base for summer.

The First Weekend

What's Next?

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